Paragliding banned in Himachal following CWG advisory

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh government today temporarily banned aero-sports activities in the state. Officials said the ban has been imposed following a civil aviation ministry advisory during the Commonwealth Games.

The ministry has imposed restrictions on flights of micro-light aeroplanes and hang-gliders within an aerial distance of 300 km from New Delhi, ASP Sanjeev Gandhi was quoted in the media.

However, the paragliders say the ban is unjust as the ministry’s directive does not cover Bir-Billing range, about 380 km from New Delhi, where aero-sports activities are conducted. "The ban on aero-sports activities has been imposed in Bir-Billing as a precautionary measure. It will remain in force till Oct 20," the senior police official said.

The ban is likely to affect the preparations for the Himalayan Open Paragliding Championship, scheduled to be held at the range Oct 27-30. Vice-president of the Billing Paragliding Association Suresh Thakur said the ban was imposed without giving any notice in advance.
"All of a sudden, the ban was imposed. Already a large number of paragliders from India and abroad have reached here to practise for the championship. Moreover, it’s not right to impose the ban in Billing as it does not fall within the aerial radius as mentioned in the advisory."

He said Billing is 390 km from Delhi while the ban refers to a 300-km radius from Delhi. "Moreover, the Games will be over by Oct 14 and there is no justification in imposing the ban till Oct 20," he added.

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2 Responses to "Paragliding banned in Himachal following CWG advisory"

  1. Guypit   October 5, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    This really pisses me off. The rubbish runs all the way through Indian administration

  2. S-pilot   October 5, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    This is extremely short sited and unprofessional. I have planned for a year to come to billing to fly, i have saved, missed other holidays and booked my flights which are not refundable. I now, some 7 days before travelling to India find out I cannot fly in the himalayas. The Himichal police do not realise what huge damage they are doing to the reputation of india as an adventure sports destination. Thousands of pilots worldwide are talking about this to their non flying friends, and people are just saying policing and govt in india is a joke the way they arbitrarily impose rules without notice or giving the issue any real intelligent thought. I am now going to fly into Lahore and go flying in pakistan instead. Shame!


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