Police faces anxious moments over temple fire in Nahan in Himachal

Police and district administration in Nahan faced anxious moments as news spread of a fire at the local Shiva temple in Amarpura locality on Saturday morning. The idols were partially burnt in the incident.

temple-fire However a large crowd gathered and rumors started linking the incident with the recent rioting in Nerwa.

Superintendent of Police P.D. Parsad, ASP Gurmeet Singh and DSP Babita Rana rushed with police force to defuse the situation. Upon inquiry it was found the temple door was locked and there was no chance of a foul play. When temple priest and the devotees left the previous night, they probably left burnt dhoop on the
carpet which resulted in fire inside the temple.

Representatives of both communities were called on the spot and all misunderstanding was cleared.

Pic courtesy: NVO News

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