Police vehicles create traffic jams on Shimla roads

Shimla: Government vehicles on Shimla roads have become a complete nuisance giving two hoots to the traffic laws. Leading the pack is the Shimla Police itself.

On Wednesday around 12 noon while driving from Auckland tunnel to Victory Tunnel there was a big traffic jam and the vehicles had lined upto the Auckland tunnel. While the vehicles crawled and after 15 minutes I reached the Rivoli Bus Stand, it was a shock to see a Police Gypsy parked on the road at the bus stand stopping entire traffic coming from the Victory Tunnel side.

Shimla police van parked in the middle of the road
Police gypsy parked on the road leading to traffic jam at Rivoli Bus Stand Shimla

There was no one on the Gypsy. Probably the occupant officer had gone to drop someone. Is this the kind of discipline and damn care attitude of the police force in Shimla? There was a traffic policeman at the spot who was simply moving around and did not seem it fit to do anything to remove this vehicle from the middle of the road.

Shimla police gypsy parked in the middle of road
While no one in the vehicle, traffic came to a stand still.

Meanwhile the vehicles had lined upto Auckland Tunnel and on the other side the line of vehicles had reached beyond the Greenland hotel. Entire movement of buses scheduled to leave from the bus stand stood halted because of this police gypsy parked in the middle of the road.

The police here has double standards for sure. For example while normal people are being challaned for black screen films daily, the police turned a blind eye towards a VIP vehicle parked in the middle of town with black film. A daily newspaper has this story in today’s edition.

Why is this superior attitude of the government vehicles who flout every rule on the road? If you have ever noticed, all government vehicles have HP Government sticker painted on the front and back. Have the concerned authorities has ever bothered to go through the Motor Vehicle Act? Where is it specified that in the Act that Govt vehicles can put such stickers.

What can one expect from the police when it is the police vehicles itself flouting every rule on the road and creating traffic jams!!

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One Response to "Police vehicles create traffic jams on Shimla roads"

  1. Amar   August 5, 2012 at 7:14 am

    There was a story in yesterday’s newspaper where an official working in SP office Shimla had wrongly parked his car near bus stand causing traffic jam. He had placed a chit on the dash board displaying his identity of working in SP office and the traffic policeman posted there had no option except to look the other way round. What is astonishing, is the statement of the SP that inquiry will be made as to who had placed the said chit inside the car? ……Who else he can be except the owner? What inquiry is called for in this case.

    Unfortunately the case is being covered up instead of taking any action against the erring official. This is a sad story of government departments where the culprits are always shielded!


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