Political parties give a slip to issues in Himachal Elections

ssp  Himachal Pradesh goes into election 6 days from today. The candidates are trying there level best to reach out to the people and Sonia Gandhi has already addressed a rally at Shimla. Few other national leaders are lined up in the coming week. The Congress on one hand is asking for votes for the work done by Manmohan Singh Govt in the past years. BJP on the other hand is blaming Centre of discriminating Himachal all these years and promising remedial action if voted to power in Delhi. The entire  campaign has become persona centric with Hamirpur and Mandi seats being the center of action as former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh is a candidate from Mandi and Anurag Thakur, son of the present Chief Minister PK Dhumal is a candidate from Hamirpur. Shimla and Kangra seats are also witnessing a keen contest with both the sitting Congress MPs on a sticky wicket this time.

In all this election tamasha, no one has really touched the real issues concerning the state. Every party is raking up national level issues which hardly cut an ice here. Infrastructure here would put any leader worth it’s name to shame.  Be it the national or state highway or the village roads, journey across Himachal still remains a pain. No govt. worth it’s salt have ever done anything to improve the road conditions in the state. Accidents on Himachal roads are now a daily occurrence with no one responsible giving a damn about the whole issue.

Unemployment remains the single biggest issue. There are around 8 lac registered unemployed people in the state. No leader has ever mentioned a word about creating facilities in the present elections. Politicians were quick to open schools and colleges across the state but these colleges produced worthless people with an obscure BA degrees which have no value in the present world. Govt schools have become obsolete with no proper teachers in schools. Schools are run by para teachers, vidya upasaks and by everyone but not by proper teachers in the state.

Drug usage is becoming higher among the youth. Situation is becoming quite grim in the villages. Easy availability of bhang every where is turning youth into drugs at an early age. Young boys are acting as drug carriers. Our  boys have become stooges of drug and liquor mafia. Why are our leaders silent over these issues? 10 years from now, drug abuse is going to be the single largest biggest problem in the state.

Corruption has spread it’s tentacles in every corner of the state. Bribe has become open and common practice in the state. One cannot dream of getting the work done without offering a bribe in any of the offices. Govt officers and clerks live a royal life and their lifestyle can put the Sheikhs to shame. One main reason why there is such a mad rush for govt. jobs in the state. With politicization of the entire govt machinery, the govt appoints it’s chosen one at the money minting positions and this practice continues every time there is a change in govt. in the state. Govt only takes high profile cases where some former minister is put into jail on some minor charges but ignores the real issue of corruption against the same minister. Everything is played for the gallery.

The state is already bearing the brunt of financial mis-management over the years and will bear the brunt of administrative mis-management in the coming years. All our leaders and political parties are not interested in the real issues in front of the state but merely fighting the elections for the sake of fighting without any proper agenda. Will our leaders ever stand up for the state?

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