Rates revised at Chandimandir toll plaza

Chandimandir toll plaza

Shimla: Rates at Chandimandir Toll plaza has been revised w.e.f. September 1, 2012. New rates will applicable for all vehicles entering Himachal Pradesh from Chandigarh.

For private cars and jeeps, the rates have been revised to Rs. 25 from Rs. 23 where as the round trip will cost Rs. 37 which was  presently Rs. 34

For light commercial vehicles the revised rate will be Rs. 43 instead of Rs. 39 where as a round trip will now cost Rs. 64 instead of Rs. 59.

Trucks and buses will now have to shell out Rs. 86 in place of Rs. 79 and a round trip will be Rs. 129 which earlier used to be Rs. 118

The new rates will be applicable from the midnight of August 31, 2012.

Besides toll at Chandimandir, another toll is levied at Parwanoo by Himachal Pradesh govt upon entering Himachal Pradesh which is Rs. 30 for private vehicles and Rs. 60 for LCV.

Besides the above mentioned toll, Shimla municipal corporation has also proposed levying of Green Tax on all vehicles entering Shimla, approval to which is pending with NHAI. The MC proposes a tax of Rs. 100 on two wheelers, Rs. 200 on private cars and jeeps, Rs. 300 for LCV and Rs. 500 for bus and trucks bearing registration number of other states.

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