Robbers take away CC camera after failed bid to loot a bank in Shimla

Shimla: In a bizarre incident robbers decamped with the close circuit television camera carrying the footage of their failed bid to loot a bank on Sunday.

The robbers broke into the Sanjauli branch of Punjab National Bank and took away the CCTV camera after all attempts made by them to loot the cash and other valuables failed, Investigating Officer Madan Lal said.

"The thieves appeared to be smart and managed to run away with hidden recording device and compact disc on which CCTV footage is stored," he said. 

The incident was reported to police by Bank manager Shyam Lal after the local residents found the lock of the main gate of the bank broken and raised an alarm.

The police rounded up 60 unregistered Nepali labourers and questioned them in connection with the incident, said the official.

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