Russian para-glider Alexey Ashurov body found in Himachal

Shimla: Dead body of a Russian para-glider Alexey Ashurov was recovered from Palampur area who had gone missing during the paragliding championship in October 2009.

The body was discovered by a shepherd Sharan Das who found the remains of the body and informed the Palampur police. The Police suspected the victim was Alexey Ashurov by the equipments found near the remains.

"We have recovered some material from the spot like the paraglider, the colours of which match the description of the one in which he took the flight. We have also recovered some clothes and they are the same as worn by him on that day. We have also found his pair of spectacles. The members of Mountaineering and Paragliding Association who had gone there have identified his spectacles and clothes," said Sanjiv Chauhan, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Palampur.

It took almost three days for the six policemen and the shepherds to bring back the body as it was trapped in one of the roughest mountainous terrains.

The body is totally in a decomposed state and a DNA test will be conducted soon for verification.

Ashurov, 41, went missing on October 23, 2009, during the annual pre-World Cup Paragliding competition, organized in the Bir-Billing valley in Kangra district.

Ashurov took off from Billing for Bir and lost his way due to strong winds.

Another pilot Elliya Yudin had lost his life during this event when he had gone on a rescue mission to find Ashurov, five days after he went missing.

Following the mishaps, the Himchal Pradesh government imposed a ban on this event.

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