BJP wins Shimla Municipal Corporation Elections


Winning BJP members in SMC

Shimla: (17 June): Shimla residents gave a landmark majority to the BJP in the results of elections for Shimla Municipal Corporation by winning 17 seats. Congress lagged behind with 12, Independents won 4 seats and CPI(M) won 1 seat.

Shimla will see a new Mayor now from the right wing party after the leftists won the Mayor & Dy Mayor positions in 2012 in direct elections.

Congress score would have been much lower but for the eastern suburbs where it won maximum seats as Congress MLA Anirudh Singh has a good hold in this area. Election results are also seen as people’s verdict over the functioning of the Virbhadra Singh led Congress Govt in Himachal Pradesh which will face elections in November 2017.

Virbhadra Singh could not keep his house intact as Tutu, part of his assembly constituency of Shimla (rural) went to the BJP beside another key ward of Boileau Ganj, where his son Vikramaditya Singh campaigned. It was bad news all over for the Congress as all its strongholds in the town and the newly carved wards were won either by the BJP or Independents.

In the present SMC almost half of the winners are new faces. Prominent among them are Kusum Sadret who could possible be BJP’s face for Mayor’s post along with Dr Kimi Sood, Kiran Bawa, wife of former advocate General and Aarti Chauhan.

Four Independents who were victorious are Rakesh Kumar, Sanjay Parmar, Sharda Chauhan and Rachna. Shaily Sharma is the only CPM-supported candidate who won. Rakesh Kumar has extended support to the BJP while three other Independents are considered Congress loyalists.

Results of SMC elections have certainly added to the woes of the chief minister Virbhadra Singh as the Congress is bitterly divided over the leadership issue. BJP will now press for early elections in the state as already the Congress chief minister is out on bail and facing cases in CBI court. No surprises if some big names from the Congress cross over to BJP before the assembly elections.

Final tally of results is:

BJP: 17
Congress: 12

CPI(M): 1
Independent: 4 

Below is the ward wise results announced so far.

Ward 1, Bharari : Congress, Tanuja Chaudhary won by 10 votes

Ward 2, Ruldu Bhaata: BJP, Sanjeev Thakur won by 470 votes

Ward 3, Kathu: BJP, Sunil Dhar won by 21 votes

Ward 4, Annadale: BJP, Kusum Sadrek won by 55 votes

Ward 5, Summerhill: CPI M, Shaili Sharma won by 249 votes

Ward 6, Totu: BJP, Vivek Sharma won by 97 votes

Ward 7, Majiath: Congress, Diwakar Sharma won by 53 votes

Ward 8, Boileaugang: BJP, Kiran Baba won by 412 votes

Ward 9, Kachi Ghatti: Independent, Sanjay Parmar won by 60 votes

Ward 10, Tuti Kandi (Badai): Congress, Anand Kaushal, won by 58 votes

Ward 11, Nabha: Congress, Simmi Nanda, won by 66 votes

Ward 12, Fagli: BJP, Jagjit Bagga, won by 326 votes

Ward 13, Krishna Nagar: BJP, Bittu Kumar, won by 61 votes

Ward 14, Ram Bazar: Congress, Sushma Kuthiala, won by 65 votes

Ward 15, Lower Bazaar: Congress, Inderjeet Singh, won by 61 votes

Ward 16, Jakhu: Congress, Archana Dhawa, won by 60 votes

Ward 17, Benmore: BJP, Dr Kimi Sood won by 47 votes

Ward 18, Engine Ghar: BJP, Aarti Chauhan won by 53 votes

Ward 19, Sanjauli Chowk: BJP, Satya Kaundal won by 135 votes

Ward 20, Upper Dhalli: BJP,Kamlesh Mehta won by 305 votes

Ward 21, Lower Dhalli: BJP, Shailender Chauhan won by 88 votes

Ward 22, Shanti Bihar: Independent, Sharda Chauhan won by 3 votes

Ward 23, Bhatta Kuffar: Congress, Rita Thakur won by 452 votes

Ward 24, Sangti: Congress, Mera Sharma won by 48 votes

Ward 25, Maliana: Congress: Kuldeep Thakur won by 61 votes

Ward 26, Pantha Ghati: Independent, Rajesh Kumar won by 53 votes

Ward 27, Kusumpati: Congress, Rakesh Chauhan by 54 votes

Ward 28, Chota Shimla: BJP, Vidushi

Ward 29, Vikasnagar: Congress, Rachna

Ward 30, Kangna Dhar: BJP, Renu won by 58 votes

Ward 31, Patyog: BJP, Asha won by 54 votes

Ward 32, New Shimla: Kusum Lata, Congress

Ward 33, Khalini: BJP, Puran Mal

Ward 34, Kanlog: BJP, Brij Sood won by 54 votes

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