Shimla’s Ridge caves in, Gaiety Theatre under threat.

Shimla: A portion of the historic Ridge in Shimla caved in today following heavy rains in the city.

Subhash Chand, a SDO with the municipal corporation said that around 40 meter of the Ridge in front of the Gaiety Theatre caved in. It is the same portion which had developed cracks last month, he added.

The affected portion has been closed for pedestrians. The caved in portion is now threatening the Gaiety Theatre as the dining room at the Gaiety stands exposed.

Assistant Municipal Corporation KK Sharma said that  the entire northern slope of the Ridge has become fragile and prone to landslide as haphazard construction in the Tibetan market is blocking the natural flow of water and resulting in caving of the entire area.

In 2008 major cracks had appeared on the Ridge and a retaining wall had collapsed in which more than 20 shops were buried.

Shimla and surrounding areas have been experiencing heavy rains since past two days and the met office predicted more rains in the next 24 hours.

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