Snowfall at Narkanda; some pictures

This Sunday there was a mild snowfall at Narkanda. Mild by Narkanda standards as there was just 3 inch of snow on roads. Snowfall has been awfully late this year and Shimla is yet to receive snow. Snow fall happened in the periphery of Narkanda only. It was nice to drive on snow after such long time! The forest across Hatu peak was all covered with snow. When I traveled the snow was fresh so driving was a piece of cake but next day news came about a car accident on the same road when an Alto went off the road after skidding in the night and two person were killed. Indeed very tragic. I have written about precautions on driving on snow here on my Hindi blog.

Plantation of new saplings have been delayed as there has been no snow and rains have been very less. This year I am planting a whole lot of peach and apple spur since royal variety has been a failure for the past two years. The weather is the main reason, as the plants have not been able to make it through the summers and there is no provision of artificial irrigation. There was a lift irrigation scheme proposed but with the change in the govt everything went into a limbo as the constituency is represented by a Congress leader since the new govt has other priorities.

Anyway, here are some pics I clicked around Narkanda.. Season’s first pics of the snowfall

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