Vanishing cultures of Himachal

Changing values and practices are threatening Pahari language, music, dance and lifestyle. Unless the authorities wake up to document the unique heritage, it may pass into oblivion without a trace, writes Vijay K. Stokes who happens to be a grand son of Late Sh. Satya Nand Stokes, father of Apple revolution in Himachal Pradesh. In […]

Apple Story

Life is a tangent to the curve of our expectations. Curves are what I like, but that’s beside the point. Anyways, in this world of curves and dead-ends, the only way to stay on the right tract is to distract. Well, truly speaking, the philosophy of distraction is profound, but will talk about it later. […]

Spring gone sour

I have done the inevitable. Missing from the blog for a very long time. The only one to blame is my “little devil”. Into her 16th month the child is turning out to be a real brat. The better half being busy with the daily chores, I am the one facing her brunt. The kid […]

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