Dhumal inaugurates APEDA sponsored cold store and packing centre in Shimla district

Dhumal inaugurates APEDA sponsored cold store and packing centre in Shimla district

Shimla: Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal today inaugurated world class cold storage and packing and grading facilities at Jarol Tikkar in Kotgarh  and Oddi in Kumarsain in Shimla district. These facilities have been built by grant from Agriculture & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) which falls under Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Speaking […]

Himachal moves court on apple commission issue

Himachal Pradesh government is finally seeking court’s intervention against Delhi government’s failure of implementing the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) law at Azadpur Fruit Market. Apple growers are charged 8% commission on the fruit sold in this market. This is against the APMC law enacted by the Government of India and are in force everywhere in the country.

Weather makes people scurry to gods and the weathermen

Continuous dry weather spell in the state has made the farmers turn to local deities for rain and snow. It has been a while since the state received rain. Snow has been alluding ever since December. The continuing dry spell has made the apple farmers in Kotgarh worry about  the prospects of the crop this […]

Snowfall at Narkanda; some pictures

This Sunday there was a mild snowfall at Narkanda. Mild by Narkanda standards as there was just 3 inch of snow on roads. Snowfall has been awfully late this year and Shimla is yet to receive snow. Snow fall happened in the periphery of Narkanda only. It was nice to drive on snow after such […]

सर्दियों ओर लोहड़ी कि कुछ बातें

सर्दियाँ आख़िर आ ही गयीं। इस समय रात का एक बजा है और कडाके की ठण्ड पड़ रही है।  इस ठण्ड में आख़िर नींद कहाँ आने वाली है। सोचा क्यों न कुछ लिखा जाए। सर्दियाँ आते ही मुझे अपने गाँव कोटगढ़ की याद आती  है। बचपन में स्कूल की छुट्टियां सर्दियों में ही होती थी। […]

Vanishing cultures of Himachal

Changing values and practices are threatening Pahari language, music, dance and lifestyle. Unless the authorities wake up to document the unique heritage, it may pass into oblivion without a trace, writes Vijay K. Stokes who happens to be a grand son of Late Sh. Satya Nand Stokes, father of Apple revolution in Himachal Pradesh. In […]

The anonymous samaritans

It was a short visit to Chandigarh to collect computers from IT park which were being donated by a company to set up a small computer center at my village at Kotgarh. The plan is to set up these in the local Govt high school. This has been a Voice of Himachal (VOH) initiative. Thanks […]

Visiting Rampur – a changed town

I love to drone our pahari traditional dress, kurta-sutan and saluka, (kurta-a long shirt, sutan-pyjama, saluka-sleevless jacket) for either local/family functions at Kotgarh and while visiting Rampur Bushehar for shopping trips. Rampur Bushehar has one of the best markets in Shimla hills with almost everything under the sun available at very reasonable prices. A trip […]

Apple Story

Life is a tangent to the curve of our expectations. Curves are what I like, but that’s beside the point. Anyways, in this world of curves and dead-ends, the only way to stay on the right tract is to distract. Well, truly speaking, the philosophy of distraction is profound, but will talk about it later. […]

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