Tourists complain of harassment at Kufri Fun World near Shimla

kufri fun worldShimla: A Delhi family who had visited Kufri on July 4, 2012 shared their bad experience at Kufri Fun World, an amusement park in Kufri near Shimla.

Speaking to Himachal Live, Manu Bansal shared her harassment at the amusement park.

 I went to Kufri and hurt my 5 year old son during the trip. After an almost to death experience on the mules, we reached Kufri Fun World. We assumed the safety precautions would be as par Delhi amusement parks. But I guess we were wrong.

My son while on the most easy ride called fish ride flew and hit the peripheral wall when the ride picked up speed because it had no seat belt and no handle to hold on to.

He got a major injury on his head. On the top of that there is no medical facilities available and since there is no vehicular access to Fun World from road (which is a requirement to get sanction from govt.), we couldn’t get any emergency facility.

When we were continuously pleading for help the manager of Fun World brought his bouncers who tried to hit me (mom of the child) and my mother with a stick while we had our injured child in our hands.

We entered at around 1 pm, and my child got hurt by 1:30 pm. He got his stiches done at 5 pm. Even the police did not help. I just request you people to not take the mule rides and not visit Fun World if you want you and your family safe.

Manu Bansal said that she had complained to Tourism officials in Shimla and was assured strict action by them. She said a meeting was scheduled to be held on 18th July for the same incident but till now no news was given to her regarding the meeting. She said she was contemplating moving court in order to get justice.

Incidents like these are a blot on the tourism industry in the state. Kufri, the only place around Shimla which has the maximum tourist visits has turned into a dirtiest place over the years. The place is full of mule crap, bad roads and a mafia like strong hold of mule owners where tourists are looted in the grab of mule rides.

Mule owners in Kufri have become a law into themselves. Earlier in January 2012 eight children working as bonded laborers were rescued from the clutches of these mule owners. Clearly, something has gone fundamentally wrong with this place.

Local administration has failed to keep the place clean, maintain roads and provide proper facilities to tourists in Kufri. Add to this an amusement park has been built in the middle of nowhere with no proper approach road and no check of safety arrangements and proper medical facilities.

The incident also is a blot on the local administration and the tourism officials. Hitting two women tourists with an injured child is not something which will go well with the tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh.

Incident like these will surely turn the state into “Forgetable Himachal”.

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One Response to "Tourists complain of harassment at Kufri Fun World near Shimla"

  1. Manju   July 20, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    It is right. We have gone to kufri by car.we didn’t know the correct way to reach fun world.when we reach there ,we were misguided by the guide.he said we have to hire horse for every person to reach if we have our car then what is the need to hire an horse to go inside.I did not know.we came back without going to fun world.


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