Tower Tubes may replace mobile towers in Himachal

mobile tower himachal

Shimla: Walking up to the menace of mobile towers becoming eyesore in the state, Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal said the government would explore possibilities of replacing mobile towers with environment friendly Tower Tube system and decongest the hill tops of increasing number of tower in the state.

The Chief Minister met a delegation of Erricson World Swedish team headed by Tony Ficrentincs, Vice President-Commercial accompanied by other senior officials of the company in Shimla last evening.

He said a large number of mobile towers of different companies had come up on hill tops all over the state which have become eye soars. He said the state government was environmentally very conscious and all out efforts were being made to protect environment in participation with the people.

He said that since the proposed Tower Tube system was environment friendly, having capacity to service large number of mobile users. These are operated with solar and wind clean energy without any air conditioning requirements and would not be cause any environmental hazards.

Dhumal said that the new system would help in strengthening tourism in the state and provide people eco-friendly tower facilities and, internet, WIFI, broadband, 3G and 4G services would be available down to village level.

He said that the state government would look into all related aspects and consider the proposal for implementation in Himachal Pradesh.

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