Trial court not to judge on bail of accused in Aman Kachroo case

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh High Court restrained the fast track trial court from passing any order related to bail given to four accused in the Aman Kachru case on Saturday.

The court adjourned the proceedings till Monday after hearing the government and the four accused students on a matter related to cancellation of their bail.

During the hearing on Saturday, counsel for the accused Shravan Dogra argued that the accused got the notice Saturday and the time was too short to file the reply. He sought adjournment in the case.

He also argued that it was more of a media trial and the fast-track court had granted them bail after examining all the witnesses and material evidence.

Responding to the assertions, Justice Sud verbally observed in the open court that ‘it’s not good that you are casting your aspersions on the fairness of the trial.’

After hearing both the parties, the bench restrained the trial court from passing any order till the case is pending before it.

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