Warring students at HPU may face rustication

Shimla: Warring students at the Himachal Pradesh University may face rustication following the last week violence at the university campus between the SFI and ABVP activists which further spilled out to Kotshera college.

The Chancellor and Governor Himacha ofl Pradesh, Urmila Singh had earlier summoned the VC, SK Gupta on Saturday and inquired about the steps taken to bring peace and normalcy in the university campus. armed students at himachal university

An inquiry committee headed by CL Chandan, Dean of Study is probing into the last week violence and exercise of rustication cannot be ruled against those found guilty.

The university wants to  give a strong message this time as it has earned a bad name over regular outburst of violence between the student parties over the preious years.

The university authorities have been sitting over numerous probe committee reports of violence in the past. No action has ever been taken and the matter was burried once peace returned to the campus.

There is a fear of peace and calm in the campus getting further vitiated if select group of students are rusticated and would add another issue in the list of agenda for students parties leading to more agitations on campus.

Meanwhile, the government has deployed additional police force in the university to ensure no outsiders were allowed within the campus.

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