2 Republican governors push Trump to start a transition with Biden

2 Republican governors push Trump to start a transition with Biden
  • GOP Govs. Both Mike Dwyane of Ohio and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas are pushing President Donald Trump’s administration to begin the transition process with President-elect Joe Biden.
  • Both men said it was important for Biden to be aware of related issues that would not affect government jobs.
  • Trump has repeatedly refused to formally give up the presidential race to Biden.
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President Donald Trump has the support of most Republican leaders in challenging President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, but two Republican governors pushed the Trump administration on Sunday to begin the presidential transition.

Governors Mike Dewane of Ohio and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas both said it was important for Biden to be aware of related issues that would not affect government jobs.

“It is clear that based on what we know now, that Joe Biden is the elected president and that this move is for the sake of the country, it is important for the normal transition to begin.” DeWine said On CNN’s “State of the Union” program. The president can go his other path, his legal path, and we must respect that, but we also need to start this process. “

Despite Dewen’s position, he also said Trump has the right to leave the election lawsuit in court.

“I would like to say this to both sides, and I was definitely supportive of the President and still support him, but the President has every right to appear in court, and every right to present any kind of evidence that he has and no one should be envious of him or say there is anything.” Irregular in it. “

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On NBC’s Meet the Press, Hutchinson said The president-elect won the elections.

“I expect Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States,” he said. “It is very important that [he] He has access to intelligence reports to make sure he is ready. During transmission times, our enemies have the opportunity to take advantage of us, and we want to make sure there is a smooth transmission, especially when it comes to dispensing the vaccine. [so that] Everyone understands what we are doing there and what the plan is for the future. “

Hutchinson added, “It was nice to see President Trump tweet that he is [Biden] Won. ‘ I think this is the beginning of a confession.

While most Republican governors have supported Trump’s legal efforts or have remained mum about the situation, governments. Charlie Baker Massachusetts and Chris Sunonu From New Hampshire they said last week that Biden was the winner in the election.

On sunday, Trump tweeted That Biden “won” the election because of a “rigged” claim, another claim that was debunked, and was soon followed by writing that he did not give in.

Since Biden was declared elected president more than a week ago, Trump has refused to waive the election. Trump campaign team Has issued a series of lawsuits in a bunch of swing states To support the allegations debunked of voter fraud, most of which were dismissed in court.

last week, It has been reported The General Services Administration (GSA) will not sign the presidential transition start with Biden’s team, despite a few Republican senators including Senators Susan Collins of Maine and James Lancford of Oklahoma who have requested that Biden begin receiving Intelligence information.

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