A coronavirus outbreak on Utah farms has caused the death of 10,000 mink animals

A coronavirus outbreak on Utah farms has caused the death of 10,000 mink animals

At least 10,000 minke died in Utah Corona Virus As the epidemic destroys the vulnerable FarmerThe Utah Department of Agriculture and Food said Friday.

Although the virus has spread rapidly among mink populations in the United States The Department of Agriculture said, “There is currently no evidence that animals, including mink or other animals, play a significant role in spreading the virus to humans.”

Most of the deaths were among older mink animals, which are valued for their luxurious skins.

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State officials say they are trying to slow the spread of the disease.

“Affected mink farms have been placed in quarantine to stop the spread of SARS-2 virus, and the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food has implemented strict biosecurity measures and is working hard with other organizations to address these outbreaks,” a state Department of Agriculture spokesperson said. Fox News Division said.

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In Wisconsin, several hundred minks have been infected as well. Wisconsin State Magazine In Madison I reported Thursday.

Coronavirus was first detected in mink animals in the United States in August, when it was discovered The US Department of Agriculture announced That two farms in Utah were damaged.

Farmers were already aware that mink was susceptible to infection with the Coronavirus as there had already been outbreaks on farms in the Netherlands, Spain and Denmark.

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It was about 2.7 million mink furs Produced In the United States last year, according to the USDA. Wisconsin produces more leather than any other state, followed by Utah.

The industry was a whole Estimated at $ 59.2 million last year, down 30% from $ 84.3 million in 2018.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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