A protester is hit by a car during a march on Sunset Street in Hollywood

A protester is hit by a car during a march on Sunset Street in Hollywood

The protesters were safely They gathered near a Hollywood cemetery where they listened to speakers before the march began. There were approximately 300 people in the crowd, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

In a statement on Twitter, Los Angeles Police said that as the group reached Sunset Boulevard, a blue pickup truck maneuvered into the crowd and got into a brawl.

“When the driver tried to get away from the parking lot, he hit a demonstrator standing in the street,” the statement added.

Protesters gathered in cities across the United States after a grand jury refused to charge three officers in the murder of Briona Taylor more than six months after she was shot while police were executing an arrest warrant. Only one of the three officers involved has been charged with endangerment of first degree risk due to the danger posed to Taylor’s neighbors.

In a video of the Sunset Boulevard accident posted to social media, the car can be seen driving away from the scene as people gathered around the injured protester to help. A CNN crew was at the scene and saw the Los Angeles Fire Department fire engine and ambulance arrive shortly after the accident.

Police said that the injured was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

It was unclear if the car initially shocked the crowd or whether protesters had gathered around as the driver attempted to navigate Sunset Boulevard.

Shortly after that incident, police said, “a white Prius attempted to drive around the same protest and also engaged in a quarrel” with people in the crowd.

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In an aerial video captured by CNN’s KCAL / KCBS, the car stopped for a moment, and protesters began hitting it before speeding away into the street. It was followed by a black pickup truck that, according to the Los Angeles Police, was leading the protests, and “a white Prius installed,” forcing it to come Until it stopped.

The Prius driver attempted to flee the area and reversed into a green Mustang behind. Police said that car was also participating in the protest. The drivers of the black van and Mustang tried to pull the driver of the Prius out of the car, but the driver managed to escape, according to the police statement. Officers detained the driver several blocks away, but no injuries were reported.

Police said all the victims and the drivers have been identified, and investigation into the two accidents is underway. The police did not reveal their identities to the public.

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