A suspect in New York City asks about his mother after being held without bail

A suspect in New York City asks about his mother after being held without bail

Manhattan has accused the madman who was fired Weekend violent rampage He was asked if he could speak to his mother after he ordered his detention without bail on Monday.

Asked suspect Brian Thompson – who allegedly can call my mother? 10 people were injured They hijacked two cars in an hour-long crime spree – at the end of his Manhattan criminal trial.

Thompson’s attorney, Evan Rock, responded that he would settle something between the couple.

Thompson, 43, of Atlantic City, New Jersey, is accused of hitting a large number of tourists, wandering with tourists, drivers and other unsuspecting New Yorkers with a log club between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. on Saturday from Tribeca to Chelsea.

“Within about an hour, the accused used a part of a tree trunk and another solid wooden body to commit a series of crimes,” Assistant District Attorney Marisa Carew told Judge Michael Freshman during the live broadcast hearing, in which Thompson appeared. Video from the prison room.

In one incident, Karo said, the defendant hit the victim, an Uber driver, multiple times in the head for stealing his car.

The defendant also used the wooden tool to beat three people in the process [they were] Waiting on the subway platform ” and the MTA operator after the suspect ascended the stairs of Canal Street station, the ADA reported.

Thompson suddenly interfered, “It’s all wrong!

Claimed “I was going home!” “I was trying to take a train, but the MTA man …”

The judge asked the suspect to remain silent, prompting Thompson to respond, “Yes, sir.”

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Thompson, who also requested that his prison room door be closed to reduce noise, said he could not due to his restrictions.

He added, “I have some trash in my nose that I am trying to get out.” “ It annoys me. ”

Thompson’s attorney asked the judge to order a psychological test for his client.

When the judge asked him why, Rock replied, “My conversations with my client, clearly showed me that he was detached from reality, judge.

The lawyer said, “His conversations … the appearance of his client, things like that.”

The judge ordered the exam – while exceeding the plaintiffs’ bail requests and imprisoned Thompson.

In defense of the high bail, the ADA noted that during the alleged Thompson wave, “another driver stole his car and then drove across town for a while.

“When he was finally arrested, the police asked the accused to stop. He refused.

“He eventually collided with a police car,” Caro said, and continued resisting arrest.

She said that while Thompson “does not have a criminal record … given the defendant’s behavior, it does show that he is not listening to orders or directions.”

The judge ordered Thompson’s detention at least until his next trial date, Jan.19.

The suspect faces four counts of second-degree assault, two counts of first-degree theft, and two counts of a third-degree criminal offense.

Law enforcement sources said Thompson has a sealed arrest in New York City. It is not clear why.

Records show that he was also indicted in 2007 in Camden County, New Jersey, for undergoing bad checks, pleading guilty and getting probation a year later.

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Additional reporting by Kevin Sheehan, Larry Celona, ​​Craig McCarthy, and Rebecca Rosenberg

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