Baltimore Ravens WWR Des Bryant said they tested positive just before kick-off

Baltimore Ravens WWR Des Bryant said they tested positive just before kick-off

Baltimore – Ravens Wide Receiver Des Bryant It was surprisingly announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 just 30 minutes before his long-awaited reunion with the Dallas Cowboys team Tuesday night.

“Tell me why they’re stopping me warming up so I can take the test,” Bryant wrote on Twitter. “ … I’ve tested positive for Covid.

“The crazy thing is I have the same damn routine … This – it doesn’t make sense to me.”

According to the NFL, Bryant’s PCR test Tuesday morning was not conclusive, nor was the test restart. The lab is located in Maryland, which is why the results came out Tuesday evening.

The PCR test of the post-contact point in the field was positive and Bryant was removed, according to the NFL protocol.

Sources told ESPN that the NFL and NFL are not concerned about close contacts with Bryant, because Ravens has been operating under very strict protocols for the past two weeks, eliminating the possibility of close contact.

Bryant has said he will not be back this season.

Bryant wrote on Twitter, “Yes, I’ll keep calling it quitting for the rest of the season.” “… I can’t handle this.”

Soon after Bryant’s initial tweet, the Ravens announced that Bryant had scratched due to illness.

Bryant was off the field about two hours before kick-off, with passes from behind the middle Maxorly tracking. He crossed his arms to get his signature “X” before entering the tunnel into the locker room.

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He was not wearing a mask.

However, Bryant was noticeably absent when Baltimore held the full-team training.

Bryant, 32, was set to play the Cowboys for the first time since his cut in Dallas two years ago. Days before the match, Bryant said it would be a “thrilling moment” to play for the team that spent eight seasons with him and had an excellent record of 73 touchdown passes.

Become the first Ravens player to test positive in a week. Crows have just participated in one of the biggest outbreaks in professional sports, with more than ten players testing positive in a 10-day period.

After joining the Ravens coaching team on October 27, Bryant was signed to the active roster four weeks later. In three matches, Bryant had little influence on pass attacking in the NFL at number 31, causing him to shoot four for 28 yards.

ESPN’s Todd Archer and Dan Graziano contributed to this report.

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