Bernie Sanders thanks progressives for “Biden winning” before calling the race

Bernie Sanders thanks progressives for "Biden winning" before calling the race

It. Bernie Sanders He thanked progressives on Friday afternoon for helping the Democratic candidate Joe Biden 2020 presidential efforts – even with the race still being too close to call.

“I would like to thank the progressive grass-roots organizations for their extraordinary efforts in helping make Biden’s victory possible,” the independent senator from Vermont tweeted. “Together, we built broad support for Biden among the youth, people of color and the working class. Congratulations. Let’s keep moving forward.”

In a subsequent tweet, Sanders also praised the young voters for “leading the struggle for economic, social, ethnic and environmental justice.”

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He wrote, “They made all the difference in this election by voting in huge numbers.” “Yes. When we stand together, we can create a nation based on justice, not greed and fanaticism.”

Still, Democrats hope Biden will landslide and the Blue Wave in a house And the Senate The races did not materialize – perhaps in part due to messages from the party’s progressive wing.

Sanders’ tweet came a day after moderate Representative Abigail Spanberger, a Democrat in Virginia, stormed fellow Democrats in the House of Representatives at a conference call about left-wing demands for “halting police funding” and their support for “socialism.”

“We lost races that we shouldn’t have lost,” she said, according to sources on the call, then later backed her with a leaked voice. “Defund the police almost cost me my race for declaring an attack. Don’t say socialism again. We need to go back to basics.”

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In Florida in particular, the far left may have hurt the races of Biden and the Democrats.

Hispanic voters, especially Cuban Americans and Venezuelan Americans who were rejected by oppressive socialist governments, showed far less support for Biden than the rest of the country.

And two of the incumbent Democrats, Representatives Debbie Mocarcel Powell and Donna Chelala, They lost home races To Republican competitors.

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Several Republican senators who were believed to be at risk on Election Day also retained their seats. Now, control of the Senate may hinge on two rounds of Georgia’s run-off – and without that, the potential Biden administration would have trouble implementing the so-called progressive mandate that some on the left had been hoping for.

For his part, Biden campaigned on a promise to try to unify the country.

“Let me be clear: I campaigned as a proud Democrat, but I will rule as an American president,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

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