Biden vs Trump: Live updates for the 2020 elections

Biden vs Trump: Live updates for the 2020 elections
credit…Doug Mills / The New York Times

On Monday, President Trump picked a fight with Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert. On Tuesday, it was Leslie Stahl, the reporter for “60 Minutes,” who was caught in the president’s cross hair, after he shortened an interview in frustration and then mocked her on Twitter for not wearing the mask in the White House after the interview. .

The quarrel with individuals who are not actually Mr. Trump’s opponents, in a race two weeks apart, has shocked many in its orbit as a waste of limited time when it should focus individually on making the race a referendum on Joseph Biden. Son, the one he’s already running against.

But his advisers saw a ray of hope nonetheless.

First, their internal numbers have stabilized over the past three weeks after the double whammy in the first presidential debate, as Mr Trump’s aggressive performance hurt him, and his hospitalization later due to the coronavirus.

And while Biden continues to drive in places like Wisconsin and Arizona, he has also done so without decisively breaking through in a two-digit lead, leaving the race to be worrisomely curtailed on Election Day, when personal polling comes. in a.

Trump campaign officials are also watching the huge numbers of early vote come with some skepticism, as there’s nothing to compare it to. They believe the Democrats are nowhere near reaching the number of mail-in ballots they need if more than 40 percent of their voters plan to vote by mail.

An ABC News poll released on Tuesday showed the race is from one point in North Carolina, with Mr. Biden ahead of Mr. Trump by 49 percent to 48 percent, and was announced as good news for a campaign that invested heavily in swing. status.

They believe that Thursday night’s debate provides Mr Trump with a last chance to reset the dynamics ahead of Election Day. Some of his advisers have told him to try to employ some humor, even acknowledging the fact that many suburban and older voters who need them have been stopped by his accent and tweet on Twitter. One person advised him to pledge less tweets in a second term.

However, Mr Trump’s training has never been easy, and he has already started pissed off, not only at Mr Fauci and Mrs. Stahl, but on the Presidential Debating Committee, for changing the rules, and at the hearing, Kristen Welker of NBC News, who was trying to claim he is biased Although her work has been praised in the past.

credit…Lynn Sladky / Associated Press

People in Florida and Alaska reported receiving threatening and misleading emails on Tuesday that used false allegations about public voting information to threaten voters: “Vote for Trump on Election Day or we’ll chase you.” (There is no way for any group to know who individual voters are casting their ballots for.)

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One of the emails obtained by The New York Times came from an address suggesting I belonged to Proud Boyz, The far-right group. But the metadata from the email shows that it did not come from the displayed email address – “[email protected]” – but instead originated from an Estonian email server.

The email obtained by The Times was sent to a voter in Gainesville, Florida, and was roughly identical to dozens of other messages reported in the city. Voters in Brevard County, Florida, and Anchorage, Alaska also reported receiving similar emails.

Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe said in an interview that the emails were a “very brutal way of trying to scare people into going to the polls,” but it appears that none of the voters he spoke to were fooled.

Federal and state law enforcement authorities in Florida are investigating the emails, and have issued alerts on social media to warn voters.

“We are here in the sheriff’s office and the superintendent of elections in Alashua County aware of an email that is being circulated, and it is alleged that it is one of the proud boys”, Alachua County Mayor’s Office Books on Facebook. “It appears that the email is a scam and we will initiate an investigation into the source of the email along with assistance from our partners at the federal level.”

Don Schein, 85, a retired environmental engineering consultant and registered snowbird Democrat in Melbourne Beach, Florida, said in an interview that he received an email on Tuesday afternoon and reported it to the sheriff’s office.

He said it was disturbing that Mr. Trump did not condemn the Proud Boyz when asked about the group during his debate last month with former Vice President Joseph R Biden Jr., the Democratic nominee.

“I actually thought it was real.” Mr. Schwen said the message was so threatening that she took it over.

Mr. Schwen said that he and his wife, both of whom were registered Republicans before the 2016 election, had already voted by absentee ballot.

credit…Doug Mills / The New York Times

President Trump falsely insisted on Tuesday that the United States was “close to a pandemic” and distorted Joseph R. Biden Jr. about fracking as he seeks to close the ground in Pennsylvania.

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Mr. Trump has shaped the energy policies of his Democratic opponent, Repeated false claim that Mr. Biden supports a blanket ban on hydraulic fracturing, A major industry in the state. In what Mr. Trump said was the first at one of his campaign rallies, he ran the montage of several videos in which Mr. Biden and his colleague, Senator Kamala Harris of California, talked about phasing out fossil fuels to combat climate change.

Mr. Trump said, “If Biden is elected, he will destroy your energy industry.”

Mr. Trump also made a set of false allegations about Mr. Biden’s stance on the Corona virus, saying that the former Vice President “will delay treatments, postpone the vaccine, prolong the epidemic, close your schools, and shut down our country.” But his claim that the country, under his leadership, was “approaching its turn” on the pandemic was in sharp contrast to the fact that the virus was rising nationally and in Pennsylvania, where Cases are at a level not seen in the country since April.

Mr. Biden leads Mr. Trump by an average of 7 percentage points in the state, According to Upshot calculator. Mr. Trump, who appears to be admitting this deficit, has been anticipating the days prior to this year when his electoral status looked brighter. Before the “plague” arrived, he said, “I wasn’t going to Erie. I mean, I gotta be honest, there’s no way coming. I didn’t have to.”

“We won this thing,” he added.

Mr. Trump had another warning to voters during his rally: Mr. Biden would fail to entertain them the way he did. He said, “If you want depression, torment and despair, vote for Sleepy Joe.” “And boredom.”

credit…Trent Nelson / The Salt Lake Tribune, via The Associated Press

In an election year that appears to be in a state of constant hostility, and a year in which few politicians and institutions have been hit by attacks, the two rival candidates vying to become the next Utah governor are outsiders.

Republican governor, Spencer Cox, and Democratic nominee, Chris Peterson, have appeared together in a series of new public service announcements promoting civility in politics.

In the ads that were Competitors share it on social media On Tuesday, the two candidates stand nearly six feet apart, Mr. Cox in a red bow tie and an elephant button, and Mr. Peterson in a blue tie with a donkey button.

In one advertisement, Mr. Cox says, “While I think you should vote for me,” before Mr. Peterson intervenes, “Yeah, but you really should vote for me.”

Then Mr. Cox concludes: “There are some things we can agree on.”

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The two candidates, both of whom are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said they wanted to set an example for how politicians should behave.

“We can discuss issues without harming each other’s character,” says Mr Peterson, first-time nominee and professor of law at the University of Utah.

“We can disagree without hating each other,” adds Mr. Cox.

In another announcement from the ads, Mr. Cox and Mr. Peterson pledged to accept the outcome of the presidential election, Something President Trump has repeatedly rejected when asked in interviews and in his first debate with his Democratic rival, former Vice President Joseph Biden Jr.

“Whether you vote by mail or in person, we will fully support the results of the upcoming presidential election, regardless of the outcome,” says Mr Peterson.

Mr. Cox echoes his opponent.

“Although we sit on different sides of the corridor, we are committed to American civic spirit and the peaceful transition of power,” he says.

Mr. Peterson and Mr. Cox close the ads by saying in unison that they agree to the letters.

credit…Gabriela Bhaskar for the New York Times

To help motivate voters to the polls, most politicians conduct a personal poll or send out bulk emails. But Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a new approach: She asked nine million Twitter followers to watch her play a video game.

“Anyone who wants to play with me on Twitch to get out of the vote?” Mrs. Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat from New York, chirp Monday afternoon, in reference to the popular streaming platform. She added that she had never played it before, “but it sounds so much fun.”

Between Us is a cartoon game in which players try to survive on a spaceship. In short: Players designated as “crewmates” must run to complete a range of missions while trying to root out and avoid being killed by other players acting as “cheats”.

The game was created in 2018 and has a Its popularity skyrocketed during the pandemic. It is now played by major players, YouTube stars, and TikTok influencers for millions of fans.

On Tuesday night, more than 300,000 users came online to watch Mrs. Ocasio-Cortez’s play between us with a group of famous operators. It was yet another example of Mrs. Ocasio-Cortez who had a degree of knowledge of the Internet that was not present in Congress before entering politics.

When the pink “aoc” avatar of Mrs. Ocasio-Cortez wore around the spaceship, a video below the action showed the headphone-wearing congresswoman smiling as she played – sometimes gasping when her avatar got into trouble.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has spoken a little bit about politics – including health care and transgender rights – and the presidential election. She said she planned to vote in person, not by mail, because she wanted her vote to be counted on Election Day.

“I’m very excited for this upcoming election,” Ms. Ocasio-Cortez added a few minutes later. “We can confuse the polls, and we can get things back on track.”

Most of the time though, Mrs. Ocasio-Cortez was immersed in the game itself, and the spaceship in which her avatar was competing. At one point I noticed that some of her features seemed to be out of date.

“What kind of future spaceships are still running a combustion engine?” She asked. “I really mean?”

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