Bryson DeChambeau tried to be “greedy” and Augusta National wasn’t his

Bryson DeChambeau tried to be "greedy" and Augusta National wasn't his

Augusta, Georgia – Bryson Deshambo Finally he located his tee in the pine straw to the left of the trail in hole 14 in Augusta National on Thursday.

Brownie Bryson turned his head and didn’t ask anyone in particular, “Obviously this tree ran into a tree, right?”

Yep, I found that one and quite a few loaded shots in DeChambeau Wood or whatever else besides the fairways on the inaugural Masters tour.

DeChambeau, the favorite bet entering the first-ever Masters Championship in November, couldn’t keep the ball in the lane and wasn’t much better on the Greens.

His wild ride through the first 18 holes, which involved consecutive birds on the last two holes to apply some ointment to his wounds, led to the result of the opening 2-under-70 round.

Sure, the disappointing start didn’t knock him out of the feud with the 54 holes still playing, but it wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. Especially after he suggested earlier this week that he plans to set his trajectory at a rate of 67 – five shots less than the actual 72 – because his newly discovered length further away from the tee would allow him to reach all of his 5 values ​​in two shots.

The day after Augusta National Chairman Fred Ridley announced that the sport was “at a crossroads as it relates to the issue of distance,” the thriving and aggressive Deschamps engines were not an advantage as much as he and others believed.

“This golf course, as much as I try to attack it, you know it can bite,” Deschambeau said. “It’s still the National Augusta and it’s still the Masters. It’s a great test of golf, no matter which way you play.”

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After a three-hour delay due to inclement weather, which threw about two inches of rain onto the stadium, DeChambeau really started conservatively, hitting 3 timbers from the tenth tee, his first hole of the day. He fired his second shot about 6 feet from the hole, but then missed a bird’s ramp slope and settled on equal footing.

There were warning signs early on with the 11 par-4, when he pulled his tee in the woods down the left side of the driveway. Find his ball and rush to save the ball with 13 feet.

After a draw at the twelfth, his aggressive streak largely backfired. In Part 15 of Bar 5, he bounced the top off with a high shot off a tree and into the pine straw down the right side. For a few moments, DeChambeau discussed whether to lie down and play for a bird – or try to hit the green from 194 yards in hopes of an eagle.

His ball sat near the same place from where Phil Mickelson He hit the green during the final round in 2010 on his way to a third green jacket.

Not so good for DeChambeau, who drew his shot to the left and into azaleas above bunkers protecting the green. Worse still, he hit an interim shot – in case they couldn’t find the ball with the first shot – and hit it into one of the streaming tributaries of Creek Rai.

DeChambeau was lucky that his can, Tim Tucker, found his first ball buried in azaleas. He was forced to take a drop for an unplayable lie, failed to get up and down, and settled into a double ghost.

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He said, “At the end of the day, I should have been smarter and get rid of it and take my medication.” “I’m greedy. Sometimes I feel a little greedy, and I like to take risks. You have to take risks to win trophies.”

For a long time on Thursday, Deschambeau’s aggressiveness seemed to cost him any chance of winning a major title in a row, after winning the US Open with six bullets in September.

After courting the idea of ​​using a 48-inch driver, which is the longest allowed under golf’s rules, stuck with the 45-inch version. He had enough problems with Luxor. It averaged 334.6 yards from the tee, but found only eight of the 14 lanes.

“Not great, not my best,” Deschambeau said of his drive. “I got a little, I think you could say, tight. I wasn’t comfortable with a golf swing. Normally, when I’m really comfortable with a golf swing, I can keep going faster and faster. What happens, why am I so far to the left.”

There are still a few striking moments from Brownie Bryson. After hitting a 346-yard engine in hole # 5, 530-yard 15, it collided with an iron 7 to the green. Play partner Louis Ostwiesen He joked that they both used 7 clubs; South Africa was 7 wood.

At the fifth hole Bar 4, 495 yards, DeChambeau smashed 347 yards down the fairway. He ended up flicking him nearly 90 yards beyond the Masters champion five times Tiger woodsThey shot two groups later.

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“Fortunately for us, it wasn’t straight in the first few holes,” the Spaniard said. John Ram, Who also played DeChambeau. “The trees were stopping his balls, and he was kind of on par with us. There were two of them Reality Checked.”

Ram, who shot 3 under 69, is credited with the Deschampshill short match and the immense ability to save his run.

“It’s a different golf course, but I think [Thursday] It proves no matter how far you go, you still have to place bullets. “

If you don’t believe a Ram, consider this: Average Deschamo 334.6 yards from tee; 62 years old Larry Miz Its average is 247.4. They both shot 70 in the first round on Thursday.

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