Consequences of “Covid Kunga Lane”: one infection and suspension of liquor license

Consequences of "Covid Kunga Lane": one infection and suspension of liquor license

Video of unmasked people dancing in the line of Congress at a Republican club holiday party in Queens A quick condemnation was made After it was posted on social media last week.

At the time, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said “Covid conga lines are not smart,” and the state liquor authority is launching an investigation into Il Bacco, the Italian restaurant in Little Neck where the party was held.

Now at least one person who attended the party has been hospitalized due to the Coronavirus, and the restaurant’s liquor license has been suspended indefinitely.

The party was held before Wheatstone Republican Club On December 9th Days before Mr. Como closes indoor diningDozens of people attended. Most of them did not appear to be wearing masks in the video, despite official warnings for weeks about the danger of gatherings on holidays as the number of hospitalizations due to the Corona virus rose in New York.

Matt Binder, Journalist, Posting a video of the Conga line on Twitter On December 21, a flurry of criticism soon followed from officials and the public.

The club responded with a defiant tone.

“Adults have the absolute right to make their own decisions, and it is clear that many have chosen to interact like normal humans and not paranoid zombies in dangerous suits,” said A. Statement on the club’s Facebook page On December 22nd. “This is controversial for some reason for people who think their job is to tell us all what to do.”

James Trent, Inc. Queens Village Republican Club, Who was later hospitalized after learning the symptoms of Covid.

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Thomas Palladino, Jr. and director of campaign strategy in Vicki Palladino, president of Wheatstone Republican club and city council candidate, confirmed that Mr Trent has been hospitalized with the virus.

Mr. Palladino said Mr. Trent was in good condition and expected to be discharged from a hospital in Nassau County on Thursday.

“As an older person who has tested positive for Covid, they will likely admit you,” Mr. Palladino said Thursday.

Mr. Trent told the Queen’s Daily Eagle, which is on On Wednesday, he was reported to be hospitalizedHe tried to act with caution.

“I was not on the Conga streak,” said Mr. Trent. “I ate myself. I don’t know how I got this.”

Wheatstone Republican Club wished Mr. Trent a “speedy recovery,” adding that they understood that “his admission to hospital was purely precautionary.”

And the club said: “Whether he contracted the virus in our event, his club’s holiday party that was held a few days ago, or in the course of normal life, will probably not be known.” In a statement on her Facebook page Thursday.

Mr Palladino said he had seen news reports that other party participants had tested positive but “as far as I know there was no one else” infected with the virus.

“I can tell you that I have not worn a mask all evening, I have had several conversations with Jim Trent closely, and I am fine,” Mr. Palladino said, indicating that he had not been tested for Coronavirus since the party. (It could be a virus It is carried and spread by people without symptoms.)

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Gary Holmes, a spokesperson for the New York State Department of Health, said the city will lead any potential investigations into the coronavirus cluster into the incident.

Tinatin Japaridze, press secretary for the Testing and Tracking Program in New York City, said that she cannot reveal details about certain cases of the Coronavirus due to patient confidentiality rules, but that the agency will look into the matter, as it does for everyone. Cases where the virus may spread.

Mr. Palladino said the club and restaurant had taken precautions – the party was held on two different floors, and everyone was provided with a mask and hand sanitizer readily available – but that he and the rest of the partygoers were not “masked police.”

The state Alcoholic Beverage Authority began investigating Il Bacco’s case on December 23, two days after the party’s video went online.

William Crowley, a spokesperson for the authority, said the investigation uncovered several violations, including employees not wearing masks properly and eating in a fully enclosed building.

“Investigators found flagrant violations of the current indoor dining and health safety regulations Alcoholic beverages control lawsMr. Crowley said in a statement, while verifying that the unconvincing party appearing in the video did indeed happen. “This brief comment should send a strong message that we have zero tolerance for institutions that put New Yorkers’ health at risk.”

No one answered several phone calls to Il Bacco on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We are currently closed until indoor eating resumes,” said a message on the restaurant’s voicemail. “We miss you and can’t wait to serve you again.”

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Tina María Obidesano, manager of El Paco, and her father, Joe, is the owner of the restaurant Part of a group that sued Mayor Bill de Blasio and the governor During the indoor dinner closed during the summer. She kept criticizing the restaurant restrictions.

“I don’t understand why we can’t just run our business.” miss. Obidesano told the New York Times in December.

Potentially dangerous parties are nothing new during a pandemic, and Large gatherings It can become So-called superspreader events Create panic Around the area.

Democrats and Republicans alike have been criticized for failing to adhere to coronavirus precautions at events like A Democratic Power Broker Birthday Party in Brooklyn And a New York Young Republican Concert In Jersey City, NJ

New York and New Jersey officials have not confirmed whether any positive coronavirus test results are related to either event.

Mr. Palladino said the club had not been investigated, adding that “what is happening with El Paco is horrific.”

He said, “We are horrified about the situation the state has placed them in.”

Asked if he believed the club’s actions were responsible for Il Bacco’s loss of an alcoholic drink license, Mr. Palladino said that Mr. Como’s rules were too strict, and that was almost inevitable.

He said, “If it were not us, it would have been someone else.”

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