Covid-19 Policy Conservatives: ‘We were all trying to figure this out the way we went’

Covid-19 Policy Conservatives: 'We were all trying to figure this out the way we went'

“We were all trying to discover this thing while we were going,” he said. “And we made very difficult decisions. We still made very difficult decisions.”

“I agree with Governor Whitmire. I’m sure, if you go back over the past nine months and hundreds of decisions that we had to make quickly, you might find some things you can improve.”

Hogan also said that the battle frontline rulers got better together than the Washington governors.

“Unlike Washington, where we see a lot of divisions and dysfunctions, the rulers didn’t always agree, but we definitely tried to work together and help each other during this crisis,” Hogan said.

Almost 19 million cases of coronavirus It was diagnosed in the United States of America. The current death toll is 331,930, the highest in the world.

They both hoped that 2021 would be much better than this year.

Whitmer said every month of 2021 will be better than last month. “We will have a new administration taking the oath at the end of January. They will be guided by science. They will work with countries to make sure that our vaccine is deployed as smoothly as possible.”

Hogan said he was happy to see the end of 2020.

“I think we all – we are all thankful to God that 2020 is drawing to a close,” he said.

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