Crowds gather at Freedom Square – NBC4 Washington

Crowds gather at Freedom Square - NBC4 Washington

Supporters of President Donald Trump began gathering in Washington, DC, on Saturday hours before a group planned to demonstrate from Freedom Square to the Supreme Court to protest election results they say are rigged.

Several vendors and dozens of people carrying flags with slogans including “Trump 2020” and “Maga Country” were walking around by 9 am. A few people were seen wearing masks in the crowd, although the city had authorized face coverings.

Women for America First, which has obtained permission for the demonstrations, said that there will be music, dancing and loudspeakers for the march that begins at noon.

Supporters of President Donald Trump plan to protest the election results on Saturday. Shomry Stone Report from News4.

President Trump said on Friday that the planned rally in the capital was “warm” and that he “might even try to stop and say hello.” His tweet repeated unfounded allegations of election fraud.

About a dozen pro-Trump groups, including Million MAGA March and Stop the Steal DC, also plan to rally.

β€œI saw this thing and it was like ‘Save the vote’, ‘Protect the vote’ and I just want to show my support for it.” One of the attendees said, β€œIt’s important that we protect democracy.”

Large groups of protesters have officials in Washington worried that we are seeing an explosion of COVID-19 cases. Several demonstrations are scheduled to take place this weekend to oppose the outcome of the presidential election, and there will also be counter-protesters. Darcy Spencer report from News4.

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One of the groups that promoted the gathering on social media, the Proud Boys, has come under further scrutiny. The Southern Poverty Law Center It identifies them as a hate group.

After receiving complaints that an alleged Proud Boy member had booked Airbnb near the rally, the company told customers that they had canceled his reservation and banned him from the platform.

“There is no place for anyone associated with hate groups on Airbnb,” the company said on Twitter.

Some groups that are against the president are also planning to rally in the capital

Trump supporters gathered near the White House Friday before the demonstrations.

There were some arguments and tense moments with Trump supporters and opposition protesters yelling at each other Friday evening, and it wasn’t just the results of the vote. Some questioned Trump supporters who did not wear face masks.

“I only hope when [President Trump’s supporters] Come here there will be no hate, there will be no hate. They will do it in peace and no one will be hurt. “That’s all I wish,” said a woman in the center of the capital.

Based on the rallies promotions on social media, it appears that most of the groups are right-wing supporters of President Donald Trump who are questioning the election results. Justin Finch report from News4.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said metropolitan police are monitoring a convoy of Trump supporters who are said to be heading from Texas to the capital.

Police have warned against taking weapons to the rallies.

“We see some people communicating on social media suggesting that they are bringing firearms to our city,” said Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham. “You cannot open a download in the District of Columbia, anywhere in the District of Columbia.”

Neusham said that it is only legal to carry a firearm outside the home in the district with a concealed carry permit issued by the capital, but even with such a permit, the use of firearms is prohibited in the areas where the demonstrations will take place.

Supporters of President Donald Trump plan to protest the election results this weekend. Shomry Stone Report from News4.

Police have released a list of more than 30 streets Around the White House, the US Capitol and the Supreme Court that will be closed all day on Saturdays, as well as extensive restrictions on parking in the city center throughout the weekend.

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