Days after the Capitol siege, the out-of-service police officer protecting the Senate died

Days after the Capitol siege, the out-of-service police officer protecting the Senate died

On Sunday, Capitol Police announced, four days after a violent mob stormed the Capitol and overran the Capitol, an officer assigned to protect the Senate had died out of service.

It was not immediately clear if the officer, Howard Lepinggood, played a role in the defense of the building on Wednesday, when the rebels, instigated by President Trump, attacked the US government headquarters. It was not known if his death was related to the siege, which claimed the life of another officer who was injured during clashes with mobs.

In a statement on Sunday, Capitol Police described the death of Officer Liebengood as “an out-of-service death.”

A Capitol Police spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the cause of death or the officer’s condition on Wednesday.

Officer Lepingwood, 51, has been a Capitol police officer since 2005, assigned to the acting Senate division. His father, who shared his name, served as sergeant in arms, chief security officer, in the Senate from 1981 to 1983.

The news shook the police force days after another officer, Brian D. Siknik passed away On Thursday, the injuries he sustained when clashing with the mob who attacked the Capitol building. At least four other civilians were killed in connection with the blockade.

Lawmakers called for investigations and accountability based on arguably the biggest security failure in decades. The capitol police chief was fired or resigned, as were censors in both the House and Senate.

“The US Capitol Police just announced the tragic death of Officer Howard Lepingwood – whom I mourn,” Rep. Dean Phillips, Democrat from Minnesota, He wrote on Twitter. “Our officers need more than gratitude. They need real, capable leadership and purposeful support, and I invite my colleagues to join me to demand that immediately.”

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