Democrats smash fundraising records ahead of the Georgia Senate runoff

Democrats smash fundraising records ahead of the Georgia Senate runoff

AUSOF spent $ 93.5 million from October 15 through December 16, and ended that period with $ 17.5 million in the bank in the final weeks of the runoff.

Warnock infuriated Loeffler by a large margin, too. The Democrats’ campaign raised $ 103.4 million and spent $ 86.1 million. He had $ 22.8 million in cash in the bank in the final weeks of the campaign ahead of the January 5 election.

Loeffler raised $ 64 million, and her fundraising skyrocketed even though she had barely contributed any of her own money during this period. Loeffler loaned her election campaign $ 23 million for the general election, but only donated $ 333,200 in the past two months. It spent $ 48.6 million and ended the period with $ 21.3 million in cash in the bank.

All three candidates who have applied so far have smashed the $ 57.9 million in Democratic South Carolina Democratic member Jimmy Harrison. Raised in the third quarter Of the year, in his ultimately unsuccessful campaign against Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, which at the time was the best fundraising quarter of any Senate candidate ever.

The Democratic fundraising feature gave their candidates a massive advantage in TV ads. Ossoff has already spent $ 67 million on television since the November election, compared to $ 34 million on Perdue, according to data from AdImpact. Warnock has spent $ 53 million so far, compared to Loeffler’s $ 36 million. And both Democrats booked more in the final two weeks of the race.

But the Republican Party’s foreign groups have it The main edge In spending that reduced the advantages of democratic campaigns.

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The Senate replays are set to be among the most expensive Senate races in the nation’s history, even considering they’re only two months old. But due to a problem with evaluating campaign finance reporting, the source of the vast majority of external spending will not be revealed until long after the election.

Many outside groups, along with bipartisan Senate committees, will not have to report their fundraising until the end of January – meaning that the source of the money they raised from late November through the runoff will only be revealed long after the end of January. Vote. Been voted. (However, they are required to report their spending on independent expenditures, such as advertising or fieldwork, soon after the spending.)

However, some groups were asked to provide a more complete picture of their funding. Fair Fight, founded by former Democratic candidate for governor Stacy Abrams, made $ 22.3 million from November 24 to December. 16, including several seven-digit donations from working groups. Fair Fight redistributed roughly half of that to other liberal groups operating in the election.

Georgia United Victory – a Republican group that Jeffrey Spreacher, Loeffler’s ex-husband, has awarded more than $ 10 million – brought in $ 2.8 million in the same time period. Sprecher did not donate this time.

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