Did the injuries affect Carson Wentz? Doug Pederson gives an odd answer

Did the injuries affect Carson Wentz? Doug Pederson gives an odd answer

In the never-ending search for the answer to the question “What is the Carson Wentz problem?”, It is fair to question whether the series of injuries he suffered from 2017 through 2019 caused cumulative losses.

And whether that helps explain the miserable season he is going through.

Doug Pederson was asked about Monday, and his answer was odd because when I expected him to just say, “Carson is okay,” he didn’t.

He said he really doesn’t know.

“I hesitate to comment on how he’s feeling or he’s going through,” Pederson said. “I’d like to say that’s probably Carson’s question, to see how he feels and how he cope with those injuries.”

Shouldn’t the coach know how the primary midfielder feels and what he’s going through?

Pederson was also asked if he called the matches differently after Wentz’s three injuries at the end of the season – an ACL tear in 2017, a broken back in 2018, and a concussion in the Seattle playoff game last season.

This may explain why Pederson has consistently refused to call the midfielder, who appears to be more effective out of pocket but may be more vulnerable.

He said, “From the point of view of the caller, these injuries do not play a clear role in how the game is dealt with or how the game is called.”

Something has changed, because apparently Wintz is not the same person he used to be. He bounced off a torn ACL to play at a very high level in 2018 before he was injured. Then he rebounded from a back injury to play well in 2019.

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What about a concussion? We all know concussions can have long-term effects, but Pederson said a few days after the Seahawks lost that if the Eagles had won the match, Wentz would have been able to start the next week.

They were all very seriously injured. So, while they may all be in the past, they may have influenced Wentz physically, and he is physically incapable of doing what he was doing.

If you check out the 2017 movie Wentz and compare it to the 2020 Wentz, it wouldn’t be the same person.

Wentz was asked after losing to Browns Sunday in Cleveland if he could be the same player he was in 2017 after three years of injuries.

He kind of answered but not really. He just said he would remain aggressive as ever:

He said, “There are casualties that are happening and you cannot control them.” “They are out of your control. Last year – if you want to trigger a concussion – that’s bad. Hitting the back of the head like this is an unfortunate part of the game. These things happen. I’m not going to change. I’ll do my best and I’ll keep learning as I’m going. I’ll learn to keep going.” About becoming a better player. Don’t get me wrong, as far as aggressiveness, confidence and all that stuff? That won’t change. “

But something has changed, and the longer Wentz has performed at the junior level not just designed and found its way into the NFL, the longer these questions persist.

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