Girl Scouts remove a social media post congratulating Amy Connie Barrett on appointment to the Supreme Court

Girl Scouts remove a social media post congratulating Amy Connie Barrett on appointment to the Supreme Court

Girl Scouts of America has removed a social media post from its official Twitter And the The social networking site Facebook Congratulation pages on Wednesday evening Amy Connie Barrett On time with Supreme court.

The original post, published by FOX 6 Milwaukee political correspondent Jason Calvey, included the caption: “Congratulations Amy Connie Barrett on becoming the fifth woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court since its inception in 1789” and ending with a hands-raised emoji.

The post featured Barrett’s photo; Her Supreme Court colleagues, Associate Judges Elena Caggen and Sonia Sotomayor; Former Judge Sandra Day O’Connor; Late Aide Justice and predecessor Barrett Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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The move quickly met a backlash from pundits and lawmakers. Representative Ayanna Presley, a Massachusetts Democrat, tweeted, “What kind of correction does one earn to raise the standard of women who are the opposite of justice?”

Another Twitter user, Girl Scouts for Life, said she was “ashamed” of the post.

She added, “I really felt uncomfortable as a transgender person in this organization, but now I really understand that with this message, Girl Scouts are not really supporting me or supporting my trans / gay siblings.”

In a statement issued by the Girl Scouts, the organization said the post was “quickly being viewed as a political and party statement,” which was not its original purpose.

“The Girl Scouts of America is a non-political, non-partisan organization,” the statement added. “We are neither red nor blue, but Green Girl Scouts. We are here to raise girls and women.”

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One of the more than 4,000 responses to the post said she would be moving her work elsewhere, saying, “I’m going to spend $ 100 of my Girl Scout Cookie budget on ingredients to make my own next year.”

Noah Mickelson, managing editor of HuffPost Personal, argued with A. Facebook share That “there was no requirement that we celebrate someone as a woman’s hero just because she knew she was a woman, especially when she was actually done by a gang of disgraceful fools and when she was ready to destroy the lives of so many people.”

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Some commentators also praised the post, where one woman wrote on Facebook, “Girl Scouts, thank you for celebrating all women and showing us that there is a place at the table for those with all kinds of different values. Practice what you preach here. It’s so cool to see.”

Another woman wrote, “I am delighted to see the organization support all liberal and conservative women!”

One conservative woman noted that she “did not destroy the Girl Scouts when I did not agree with things that contradicted my beliefs.”

“When other conservatives beat Girl Scouts for left-wing ideas, I defended them,” she added. “Now I see that the so-called tolerant left is throwing a girl into the Supreme Court. That’s frustrating. Those of you are attacking an organization, please remember that there are conservatives who support the Girl Scouts as well. I was grateful to see the post to support women, regardless of their identity.”

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Even a critic of Barrett saw no problem.

“As much as I hate this particular woman and denounce the political hypocrisy that has allowed her to be in such a respectable company,” the commentator wrote, “GSUSA is absolutely right to recognize her.” “Well done. It can’t be easy.”

President Donald Trump watches Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas take the constitutional oath of Amy Connie Barrett on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, October 26, after Barrett’s confirmation by the Senate earlier in the evening. (News agency)

On Tuesday, Barrett was formally sworn in as Supreme Court Number 115 after being confirmed by the Senate in a 52-48 vote on Monday, just days before the upcoming presidential election.

Barrett is expected to quickly begin discussing important issues related to voting rights, healthcare, immigration, religious freedom, and LGBTQ rights, among others.

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The post congratulating Barrett isn’t the first time that Girl Scouts have shown support for female figures in the political arena.

The Girl Scouts previously published an article in the Huffington Post back in December 2013 in which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed the importance of female political leadership while she contemplated running into the 2016 election.

A Girl Scouts spokesperson did not immediately respond to FOX News’ request for comment on that political tweet, which remained on the organization’s Twitter feed.

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