Hundreds of thousands of people are without power as the Tropical Storm Delta sinks the Gulf Coast

Hundreds of thousands of people are without power as the Tropical Storm Delta sinks the Gulf Coast

10 months ago

Some of those who rode Laura rallied with Delta.

Some of those who rode in Hurricane Laura rallied again with Delta.

Jane Marie Goff heard debris hitting her door in Lafayette, Louisiana, as her yard gate opened and closed as it hit Delta.

“The wind makes the glass from our windows bend in,” Goff wrote in a tweet on Twitter. “It’s very scary.”

Mayor Lake Charles Nick Hunter spoke to the Associated Press as he drove the delta’s arrival downtown. He said that fabrics were flying from homes all over the city, and that piles of debris were flying around, some of it floating in the high waters of the ocean.

Hunter said he believes more people have been evacuated to the Delta than Laura, which has reduced emergency calls during the worst of the storm. Throughout the disaster area, people could wait for the water to recede before getting a full view of the damage.

“I think Delta could actually be more of a flood problem than Laura was than I see and what I’m hearing now in the midst of it,” the mayor said Friday night.

“We really need people not to forget about us,” Hunter said. “We will be in recovery mode for months, maybe years, from these two hurricanes. What happened to us is unprecedented and historic.”

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Sheriff says the Lake Charles area is still dangerous

A Louisiana parish that was hit hard by a Hurricane Delta suffers from high water levels due to torrential rains. Sheriff Tony Mancuso of Calcasio Parish told KPLC-TV early Saturday that vehicles had capsized on Highway 10 heading west, and said that evacuated residents of the area should not be in a hurry to return.

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He said that the situation remains “dangerous”.

However, anyone who could not bear his departure for more than several days could return, he said, albeit with caution. People just need to “use some common sense”.

He said rising water was the biggest problem, and flood-prone areas were inundated.

8:45 am

The Louisiana National Guard is helping hard hit areas

On Saturday morning, 2,500 Louisiana National Guard personnel deployed to help hard-hit areas, CBS News’ Miriya Villarreal reported.

Winds hit 100 mph with delta, following roughly the same path as Hurricane Laura.

“I want people to be optimistic, because we’ll do everything we can to get them on the right side again,” Louisiana Governor John Bill Edwards promised at a press conference.

Delta is the fourth specific storm to hit Louisiana in 2020.

Darren Worthington, the Lake Charles minister, whose church is coordinating relief efforts, described the effects of the storm as “devastating”. He expressed confidence in his hometown’s comeback, but admitted that the series of storms this season had affected it.

“The need is enormous. It’s so tremendous. If you’ve wandered around, and I know you have it, you only see fences underneath, and blue fabrics on every surface,” he said.

“It was just kind of a year.”

Lowered its delta rating to a tropical storm


Updated 7:45 am

More than 700,000 power outages have been reported

More than 700,000 power outages were reported in three states on Saturday morning as Delta moved inland. More than 586,600 were reported in Louisiana, another 103,598 in Texas and 67,873 in Mississippi, according to Blackouts.

Delta caused a new round of devastation in communities still reeling from Hurricane Laura. It made landfall near the coastal city of Creole – only 15 miles or so from where Laura hit the ground in August. Next move directly over Lake Charles, a waterfront city about 30 miles inland where the previous hurricane destroyed nearly every home and building, and where rotting streets, felled trees and other debris still line the streets.


7:37 am

Hurricanes are possible in 4 states

The National Hurricane Center said some tornadoes are possible on Saturday in Alabama, eastern Mississippi, the Florida Panhandle and western / central Georgia.

The delta is also expected to receive 2 to 5 more inches of rain in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi – an average of 10 inches of rain in some areas.

“These amounts of rain will lead to sudden urban floods, small streams and slight floods in rivers,” the Hurricane Center said early Saturday morning.

7:30 a.m.

“I just pray that all is well.”

In Lake Charles, about 30 miles offshore from where Delta came ashore, water seeped through the ceiling of Ernest Jack’s bedroom as he tried to sleep Friday night. Jack said that the hemp covering his roof since Hurricane Laura destroyed his home hadn’t exploded.

Jack said Friday night, “It’s raining heavily; it’s heavy; the winds are strong.” “I’m fine. I’m not worried about anything, just pray that everything is going well.”

Tropical weather
Earnest Jack travels through his home that was struck by Hurricane Laura before Hurricane Delta, Friday, Oct.9, 2020, in Lake Charles.

Gerald Herbert / AP

In the town of Lake Arthur, the delta winds peel the shingles from the roof of L’Banca Albergo, an eight-room boutique hotel in what was once a bank.

“Maybe I have no plank left on the roof of this hotel,” said hotel owner Roberta Palermo as the wind blew outside.

Palmero said the electricity had gone off and she could see pieces of metal falling from the roof of a 100-year-old building across the street. Unsecured trash cans were flying through the streets.

Hotel guest Johnny Weaver said, “There are a lot of power lines everywhere, and there is … really deep water in certain areas.”

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