Jamies Winston could be with the Saints after 2020, and he’s planning to back up to Drew Brees in his 15th week.

Jamies Winston could be with the Saints after 2020, and he's planning to back up to Drew Brees in his 15th week.

The saints Coach Sean Payton will not reveal who will be the primary reserve midfielder for today’s match with HeadsBut although the sources said the veteran James Winston You will enter the game to replace it Drew Press If necessary, with Tissum Hill By remaining in his distinguished role, things changed. The saints proclaimed Winston It has been placed on the Reserve / COVID-19 List.

Hill played quarterback in the last four matches, going 3-1 while Bryce recovered from several cracked ribs, but before Winston was placed on the COVID list, Hill would have returned to his role as leader of contestant / recipient / special teams. Sources said the Wildcat Quarterback, with Winston in line to replace Bryce if he gets hurt. The Saints would prefer, for in-game changes, the inclusion of Winston in the traditional midfield role to allow Hale to continue assisting the offensive team and the special teams in the multifaceted manner preferred by Coach Sean Payton. Of course, all that has changed now.

Sources said Hill is likely to make a big splash in the game plan even with Bryce completely out of his injuries and uncomfortable being unchallenged by any of the rib and lung problems that forced him off the field last month, but with Winston out, Hill is likely In the backup role.

Winston has continued to impress employees with his work ethic and abilities, and although he’s played frugally since signing a one-year deal worth a million dollars in the off-season, he’s someone who could have a future in New Orleans after this season with Brees expected to retire. In 2021. Team Saints signed Hill to extend it for several years in the off-season and considered it part of their midfield position moving forward.

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Having all three active midfielders would give Payton a lot of flexibility in how the game was called up and he could have remained multiplayer with a full playbook at his disposal. Sources said there were no concerns that Bryce was injured again, and that the problems he had been facing regularly throwing the ball late last week had dissipated over the weekend. The future Hall of Famer notified the coaches Monday that he was feeling comfortable and ready to resume training, the medical team had fully cleared him to do so and there were no problems during the work week.

Bryce, 41, was remarkably solid in his career before a thumb injury knocked him out for nearly six weeks last season. He will not have his highest receiver, Michael Thomas, For this game against The Chiefs, which could be a Super Bowl preview, but sources said the team was wrong on the side of caution to prevent any exacerbation of the ankle problem All Pro is dealing with. If this were a playoff match, Thomas would likely play but the Saints hope to overcome the situation to get him close to 100 percent as possible for post-season, and opt to put him in injured reserves on Saturday to allow him to return to the playoff game. opener.

The Saints are in contention for the number one in NFC and were not lost in two months before a setback against the Eagles last week.

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