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Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump threatened to sue Project Lincoln, then Anti-Trump Republicans Don’t remove two huge billboards from Times Square in New York City, as they accuse top White House advisers of showing “indifference” to Americans who are suffering and dying under the Covid-19 virus.

The group, called Kushner and Trump, said the billboards would remain high, “bearing the name” of remote bullies, who have never given the slightest indication that they show any consideration to the American people. “

More than 8.4 million cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the United States, According to Johns Hopkins University, With a record high of 83,757 on Friday. As the virus spreads, with the presidential election approaching in just 10 days, the death toll has surpassed 223,000.

Last month, the virus reached the White House, infecting Donald Trump, his wife Melania Trump, their son Barron and their senior staff. The president spent time in the hospital. Kushner W. Ivanka Trump It did not announce positive results.

The Lincoln Project has Republican agents who support Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee. It announced itself in February At Cooper Union in New YorkAbraham Lincoln made a famous speech in 1860. Then group member Rick Wilson cited “the great political philosopher Liam Neeson” when he said that those on stage have “a certain set of skills and skills that make us a nightmare for people like Donald Trump”.

In August, Sarah Linty, Executive Director of the Lincoln Project, He told the Guardian The main goal was simply to distract the president.

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Some of these ads have a single audience. She said. This was always part of the strategy. Because every time he goes out of the message, launching grievances, he’s not campaigning. The idea is to get him away from the message over and over again. “

With 10 days left until the elections, Trump is organizing rallies in which measures to mitigate the Corona virus are not observed, and he claims that the United StatesRound approximation“In containing the outbreak.

But with his billboards in Times Square, a stone’s throw from Trump Tower, it appears the Lincoln project may have distracted the president’s daughter and son-in-law. On Friday, the project Post on Twitter a message from Mark Kasowitz, The attorney who represented Donald Trump in the alleged cases Forgery And the Sexual assault, Where he explained the message of the billboards.

Lincoln Project

Nuts! pic.twitter.com/XxxkG43z3W

October 24, 2020

“I write about the false, malicious, and defamatory advertisements that Project Lincoln displays on billboards in Times Square,” Kasowitz wrote. These ads show Mrs. Trump smiling and indicating the number of deaths of Americans and New Yorkers, and attributing to Kushner the following statement.[New Yorkers] They will suffer and this is their problem “… with body bags underneath.”

In September, Vanity Fair mentioned At a meeting on March 20, as the epidemic accelerated and the repercussions of New York, Kushner criticized New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, saying, “His people will suffer and this is their problem.”

Ivanka Trump’s nod on the billboard appears to be taken from Controversial picture, On Twitter in July, where she promoted Goya black beans.

Kasowitz wrote, “Of course, Mr. Kushner has never made any such statement, Mrs. Trump has never made any such gesture, and the representation of the Lincoln Project that they have done so is disgraceful and disgraceful defamation. If these billboard ads are not removed immediately, we will sue you.” For what will undoubtedly be large and punitive compensation. “

It was Project Lincoln response Usually quarrelsome.

“The level of anger, indignation Jared KushnerAnd, and Ivanka Trump showed toward the Lincoln project to expose their indifference towards the more than 223,000 people who lost their lives due to the reckless mismanagement of Covid-19, which is comic.

“While we truly enjoy living rent-free in their heads, their empty threats will not be taken more seriously than we do Ivanka and Jared. It is not surprising that an administration that has never had any consideration or understanding of our constitution has ever tried to trample our first rights in the amendment. On making this civics lesson as painful as possible.

Jared and Ivanka had always qualified for the distant bully, who had never given the slightest indication that they showed any consideration to the American people. We plan to show them the same level of respect. Billboards will remain elevated. We consider it important in Times Square, the crossroads of the world, that people are constantly reminded of the cruelty or intensity and the amazing lack of sympathy that Trump and the Kushners have shown towards the American people. “

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