KFC’s super powerful KFCsole includes a compact chicken room

KFC's super powerful KFCsole includes a compact chicken room
  • KFC on Tuesday announced the creation of a new game console, KFConsole, which has a built-in “chicken room” to keep food warm while you play.
  • The bucket-shaped console has a cooling system that transfers heat from the ingredients to the chicken compartment, keeping the appliance cool and the chicken warm.
  • The chicken chain has partnered with Cooler Master, Intel, Asus and Seagate to create KFConsole.
  • “If Sony or Microsoft wants any advice on how to design a chicken room for their next effort, we welcome them to call,” said Mark Schiffers, Head of Public Relations and Social Media at KFC UK & Ireland.
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Fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken has created a new, cutting-edge gaming console that comes with a built-in “chicken room” to keep chickens warm while playing.

The chicken chain said in a statement on Tuesday that KFC teamed up with CoolerMaster to create “KFConsole”. It’s basically a high-end gaming PC with components made by Intel, Asus, and Seagate.

It’s a powerful machine: KFC claims it can play games in 4K at 240 frames per second – more than the PlayStation 5 or Xbox One can manage. Kentucky said it can also run virtual reality games.

The bucket-like console has a cooling system that transfers the heat generated by the ingredients to the chicken room, which helps keep the appliance cool and warm the chickens.

“The Bargain bucket machine features the world’s first compact chicken room, which is equipped to keep its contents hot and ready for consumption during intense gaming sessions,” Said Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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Kentucky Chicken Console Room

Kentucky Fried Chicken room.


Cooler Master didn’t immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. An Intel spokesperson said they don’t have anything extra to share at this point other than details on the Cooler Master website.

The cost and release date of KFConsole has not yet been announced.

The console has smooth gameplay with 240fps frame rate, 4K screen compatibility, and can play virtual reality games, according to Cooler Master. website.

It also includes an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute component and two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD drives for storage, Cooler Master said.

“This device is capable of running games of the highest specifications, all in addition to keeping your meal warm for you to enjoy during the gaming experience … What do you dislike?” Mark Schiffers, head of public relations and social media for Kentucky and Ireland, said in the statement.

He said, “If Sony or Microsoft want any advice on how to design a chicken room for their next effort, we welcome them to call.”

“When KFC Gaming contacted us to make KFConsole, we jumped into the opportunity to get involved and get into the console war,” Stephen James, Director of Global Relations and Influencers at Cooler Master, said in a press release.

“KFConsole is specially designed with the player at the front of our mind. The last thing we want is for anyone to feel hungry while playing!” he added.

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A Twitter user responded to a KFC tweet asking how Cyberpunk, which she now has It sold over 13 million copies, It will run on the console. Kentucky Fried Chicken replied, “It works better than any console.”

This is not the only mind-boggling invention that KFC has introduced in recent years.

In february, The food chain teamed up with Crocs To make shoes with fried chicken, topped with a chicken-scented charm. The shoes sold out within half an hour after their July launch.

KFC announced its release 11 Firelog Herbs & Spices December 2018 – Basically a log that smells like fried chicken.

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