MLB Extension Table, Results: Clayton Kershaw scores 13 goals as the Dodgers sweep the brewers; The brave steps forward

MLB Extension Table, Results: Clayton Kershaw scores 13 goals as the Dodgers sweep the brewers; The brave steps forward

The 2020 Major League Baseball Posteason season continued with four matches Thursday in the Wild Card series, the best of three. Three other teams – the Braves, Athletics and Dodgers – beat their ticket to the Divisional Round, while Padres fought back in their series against the Cardinals to force a decisive match 3. The day was originally scheduled to be five schedule matches, but it rained match 2 of the Marlins-Cubs I paid to Friday.

Here are the results for Thursday and the major takeaways of the day.

Wild Card Series Table / Results

Kershaw sets a personal record, the Dodgers go on

The Los Angeles Dodgers advanced to the National League Series on Thursday after sweeping the Milwaukee Brewers in their wild cards tour the best of the three.

Both Clayton Kershaw followed in the footsteps of the Dodgers, the way they’d gone countless times during their league careers. He gave a vintage performance: he later tied his career with eight innings, and set a personal record with 13 hits. Kershaw’s slider played a major role on his night, as The Brewers rocked 20 of the 32 flips they made against the court.

Brandon Woodruff, the opposite of Kershaw, has laid a good start as well. Things got off the rails for Woodruff during the fifth inning, with three games allowed to score. The first blow was dealt by catcher Austin Barnes, to make it 1-0. Mookie Betts then doubled the duo to give the Dodgers an unbeatable 3-0 lead.

The # 1 Dodgers seed will play the San Diego Padres-St winner. Louis Cardinals series that will conclude on Friday. On the contrary, the No.8 Seeders will bump into the drawing board and hope to conjure up a plan to fix a better attack next season.

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Brave Finally progress Reds Without points again

First things first, yes, we have to give credit to our brave archers. In a series of two games against the Reds, the Braves crew mainly dominated the game. Sure, the Reds had 11 hits in their first match, but it was 10 singles and doubles. They also scored zero in 13 runs while hitting 16 times. Max Fried And the relief body deserves recognition. In Game 2, we have to take credit for the novice Ian Anderson Being the nails in his post-season debut, he took nine of his six innings out of Pointless Action. Only two strokes were allowed, both of them singles.

Let’s also say Marcel Ozona For his eighth run twice-by-8 shot to give the Braves some breathing room …

… and then Adam Duval To make it out of reach.

There, we got all the credit for the Braves for sweeping them out of the way.

Now, on the reds. The 22-game goalless streak in the qualifiers is a major league record for post-season start. The Reds’ attack was 8 to 73 (. 110) in the two series matches. Their five walk and batsman ran them to 0.177 on a percentage basis. Slowness was. 181. Obviously, she’s just a two-game model, and if this is just the first two games of the regular season, we can describe it as a slow start. Instead, the Reds came after winning 11 of the last 14 times and took an excellent bet for 20 rounds before going eighth on Thursday. They are on their way home to spend the winter after sweeping two matches.

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Returning to the end of the brave, let us conclude on a positive note. The Brave finally steps up on a playoff tour. They haven’t done so since 2001. Since then, there have been eight NLDS losses (four of them in five matches) along with one loss in the wild card game.

Sliding snap elimination game

The Auckland Athletics Rallied in Wednesday’s match to win or go home to defeat Chicago White SoxAnd the 6-4, To apply to the AL Division Series. With a win in the Wild Card series, the best of the three, Oakland broke the series MLB record of nine straight losses in winner-takes-all matches. It was the first since it won the Elimination Game since the seventh game of the 1973 World Series.

It is also the first time Auckland has advanced after the first post-season round since 2006. The No. 2 seed will face Division A rival and No. 6 seed Houston Astros at ALDS. Team A dominated the Astros in the regular season, finishing 7-3 with the AL West title.

After the White Sox jumped to a 3-0 lead in the third game, A replied with four runs in the fourth game. Chicago tied the match again in the fifth inning, however Chad Binder Go ahead with one run hit two outs on the fifth. Pinder’s RBI single was the first time post-season score any Player A has bumped into scoring center runners since the 2014 AL Wild Card Game.

For more tips from this game, You can read the full details here.

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Badrice’s crime comes to life

It looked as if Padres, who had the second best record in NL and one of the best baseball fouls in the regular season of 60 games, was heading towards a quiet exit in their Wild Card Series match against the Cardinals. Fernando Tatis Jr. then hit a three-stroke race in the sixth game on Thursday. Homer Tatis was the first of five San Diego in a three-run period. Tatis and Will Myers hit two homeowners, who made history in the process, on their way to a 9-11 win. Read more about this game Here.

The Marlins-Cubs have been postponed due to the weather

Game 2 is one of the three best series among Marlins And the Cubs It was postponed to Friday. The full story is here.

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