NYPD asks officers to prepare for deployment pending election protests

NYPD asks officers to prepare for deployment pending election protests

The memo said the deployment of officers of each ranks could begin on October 25, indicating the possibility of protests before and after Election Day. Commissioner Dermot Shea said that deputy inspectors and captains might be sent to lead forces in the field.

Xi described the November 3 elections as “one of the most competitive presidential elections in the modern era,” indicating that the winner may not be decided for several weeks.

Accordingly, we should anticipate and prepare for the protests of increasing in size, frequency and intensity leading up to the elections and are likely to begin in 2021.

The department has been training for electoral disruptions as federal law enforcement agencies have held discussions in recent months with the sheriff and local police charged with maintaining order in the event of disputed results.

“The whole idea behind the training is to separate out those who are there to cause chaos, as opposed to the real reason the protests started in the first place,” said Vice President Samuel Wright, who is leading the initiative.

Among the concerns are armed extremists who might try to stop or interfere with the vote count.

Groups ranging from right-wing activists and white supremacists to opponents of anarchism were active during the months of protests that followed the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police in late May.

For the first time in decades, every uniformed officer in New York will take a two-day training course focusing on tactical measures as well as the psychology behind the protests. Training began in July, shortly after the administration responded to the mass demonstrations after Floyd’s murder.

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Participants in the protest criticized the New York Police Department’s handling of the demonstrations.

A preliminary report by New York Attorney General Letitia James on handling the protests over the summer said 2,000 people had been arrested. The July report also included a review of a video on social media that showed the NYPD car sprinting through a crowd of protesters.

NYPD officials said they used lessons from certain interactions during the summer months to improve training.

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