Pelosi: All Trump wanted in the coronavirus relief negotiations was to ‘send him a check’

Pelosi: All Trump wanted in the coronavirus relief negotiations was to 'send him a check'

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi Criticize President Trump On Wednesday to stop it Covid-19 Relief negotiations, and then offer to approve a separate bill on stimulus controls.

“It’s interesting that he said he’d send those checks if we sent him this law, because all he wants at any point in the negotiations is to send him a check bearing his name,” the California Democrat told ABC’s “The View.” “

She added, “Forget the virus, forget our heroes, forget our children and their need to go to school safely.”

Trump suddenly postponed coronavirus relief negotiations Tuesday so the Senate can do its best to confirm the appointment of Judge Amy Connie Barrett to the open seat of the Supreme Court.

He accused President Pelosi of pushing for a $ 2.4 trillion package that would serve as a rescue plan for “poorly managed, crime-ridden democratic nations.” He said Republicans made a “generous” offer of $ 1.6 trillion, which she turned down. Instead, House Democrats passed the $ 2.2 trillion package last week that has no chance of passing it through the Republican-controlled Senate.

Pelosi Settis Powell Fed in latest push to aid coronavirus relief

Reversed hours later, after the stock market plunged, Trump pushed for a separate bill to approve $ 1,200 incentive checks and asks Pelosi to “move quickly.”

Trump also called on Congress to pass partial relief measures for the troubled aviation sector and to renew the payroll protection program, using unspent CARES Act money.

Pelosi has held on to passing a broader relief package.

Trump is urging Congress to pass more hours of coronavirus aid after cutting off negotiations

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She said, “It is difficult to see any rational and clear path for what he is doing, but the truth is that he saw the political negative side of his statement to stay away from negotiations.” He is rebounding from a fatal mistake he made yesterday, and the Republicans in Congress are withdrawing with him about it. “

Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin spoke on the phone Wednesday morning to discuss a second bailout for the airline industry. Last week, US airlines began cutting 35,000 jobs after the $ 25 billion bailout fund created earlier this year as part of the CARES Act expired. Under the terms of the agreement, airlines were barred from cutting jobs or cutting workers’ salaries until Sept.30.

“The secretary inquired about a separate draft law for airlines,” said Pelosi spokesman Drew Hamill. chirp From the speaker’s meeting with Mnuchin. “The spokesperson reminded him that Republicans blocked the bill on Friday and asked him to review DeFazio’s bill so they can have an informed conversation.”

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Last week, Republicans blocked an attempt by Democrats to pass a separate airline bill, unanimously, introduced by House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio.

A Republican aide in the House of Representatives told The Hill that Republicans were still waiting for the bill’s details, and pointed to a different project they support, submitted by Representatives Stacy Blasket, DVI, and David Joyce, a Republican from Ohio.

“This is an inept and dirty process,” the assistant said. “Once again, the Democrats use party gimmicks rather than bipartisan solutions.”

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