PS5: 8 features you need to try on your new PlayStation

PS5: 8 features you need to try on your new PlayStation

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The PS5 It’s just a day from launch and in the process Games are without a doubt the most important part of launching any consoleThe PS5’s new user interface is also great. We took an in-depth look at the options and found some tips and tricks to help improve your PlayStation experience.

Some of them are handled seamlessly during setup but others are buried in a mountain of settings and options. We thought it was worth breaking up.

Here’s what we think is worth doing when you first turn on the PS5, to help customize your PS5 experience according to your own preferences.

1. Check your privacy settings

During the initial setup of the PS5, you will be asked to choose from a series of four different privacy settings with names like “Social and Open” or “Solo and Focused.” It basically allows you to control your online profile and what others can see.

But these settings can be further divided into these categories, giving you complete control over whether to appear in search results, who can add you as a friend, etc.

These settings can be found under the “Users & Accounts” tab in Settings.

2. Select your power settings

The PS5 gives you better control over the amount of power the PS5 draws in, often when you put it into “rest mode”. As with the privacy settings, you’ll be able to choose between profiles during setup, with the presets that can be further divided if you want to dive deeper. These presets define how long the PS5 takes to shut down when idle and also whether or not the console will download updates automatically – and are very useful if you want to avoid a dreaded system update when you want to run something online.

3. Messing with the HDR sliders


This image makes the PS5 look smaller than it actually is.


If you have a TV that supports HDR, you will definitely need to ensure that these settings are correct.

Once again, the PS5 allows you to manipulate contrast and brightness during setup, but, personally, I’ve been going back and forth with these settings a few times, mainly because if you change the settings on your TV after setting up (for example, to Game Mode) These HDR settings will be affected. It makes sense to go back and improve. Especially if you are picky about image quality like me! (I spent an embarrassing time fixing these settings.)

4. Try the submenu

Probably my favorite parts of the PS5 UI is the submenu you can bring up while playing. Basically, if you press the big PlayStation button in the middle of the console, this submenu will appear in the game. Very stylish.

Older consoles have had some differences with this feature for a while now, but I’m a big fan of the PS5 release. It’s unobtrusive, invisible, and allows for customization.

You can access settings, manipulate volume levels, and add additional devices such as headphones. You can even link your Spotify account and choose music from the submenu. VR options are also available from here, which will be a big help for those trying to fix VR issues on the go.

You can easily switch between recently played games in this submenu as well, eliminating the need to go to the home page to start a new game.

But my favorite part: it is possible to customize your submenu. You can even add PS5’s accessibility options to the subsection, which I imagine will be very useful for disabled gamers.

5. Choose between performance and resolution

PS4 Pro users are likely to realize that games run on a PC a little bit. Games like God of War And Horizon Zero Dawn lets you choose whether you prefer the PS4 Pro’s focus on additional processing power over resolution or performance (which basically means frame rate).

Personally, I prefer to always focus on performance over accuracy. And if you have a TV that doesn’t work in 4K, you will be definitely You prefer performance over accuracy.

Either way, to save you the hassle of setting your preferences anew with every game, the PS5 lets you select a default option in Settings. Head over to saved game / app settings and select game presets.

6. Choose the default difficulty level

In the game’s presets section, there are a lot of good things – you can even choose the difficulty you like as the default.

Personally, this is not something I would do. I think the game difficulty is a very subjective way and varies greatly between games. But I know there are people who want to instantly move to the toughest place right away, and vice versa, people who just love to play story games.

7. Check your console settings and you have messed up


Certainly messing with the console settings.

Ackerman / CNET

This is indispensable.

This isn’t something entirely new, but the PS5 lets you set up default console settings that apply to all games. First and foremost, you can make “invert” the default in FPS games or in third person games, using the camera controls.

I constantly need to dive into the game settings to change this, which is essential for me.

You might have heard that the PS5 DualSense controller represents a big leap forward in terms of adaptive triggers and vibration functions. You can also make changes to the intensity of the effect. Personally, I will not touch it. I’m very happy with the default value, but it is there if you want to tweak it.

8. Choose your suite settings

I did not believe this exists but it does exist!

You can actually control the level of spoilers that you’ll see when you navigate through the PlayStation Store. You can choose between eliminating “all” potential spoilers, or getting rid of spoilers as determined by the game’s developers.

So if you are incredibly sensitive to spoilers, you can head over to the “Game / Application Data Saved” section in the settings and click on “Game Presets”. The choice is there.

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