Republican Senator Sassi unleashes a stinging attack on Trump, the “TV-obsessed” narcissist

Republican Senator Sassi unleashes a stinging attack on Trump, the "TV-obsessed" narcissist

Washington – Senator. Ben SassyThe Republic Party launched a violent attack on President Donald Trump and his leadership this week, while speaking to his voters, warning that there would be a “Republican bloodbath” in Senate If Trump loses the White House.

During the city hall phone, he asked one of the voters Sassi about his relationship with the president And why should he criticize him so much, according to an audio clip first obtained by The Washington Examiner and posted on Youtube.

“I don’t apologize at all because I fought for my values ​​against him in places I think are deficient, not just for a Republican but for an American,” said Sassy, ​​who then began to flag a number of things he dislikes. “The way he accepts the aftermath of dictators. I mean, the way he ignores that Uyghurs are in detention camps in Xinjiang right now. He hasn’t raised his finger on behalf of Hong Kong residents.”

“The United States now regularly sells our allies under his leadership, the way he treats women, and spends like a drunk sailor,” Sass continued, adding that Trump “mocks evangelicals behind closed doors … treating the presidency as a business opportunity.” And “flirting with fanatics.” For the eggs. “

Sassi said Trump is “leading the country further to the left,” and said he “looks likely to go down the Senate with him” if he loses the White House in the upcoming election.

“I’m now looking into the possibility of a Republican bloodbath in the Senate, which is why I have never taken a Trump train,” he said.

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Sassi warned that if the Democrats take control of the Senate, there is “a very good chance” that within a decade, the United States will look like Venezuela with dozens of members on the Supreme Court.

“The debate is not going to be, Bensassi, why were you so mean to Donald Trump?” “It would be like, ‘What were any of us thinking, selling a TV-obsessed narcissist to the American people was a good idea? “

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