Republican voters in Georgia support Trump’s false claims

Republican voters in Georgia support Trump's false claims

About three-quarters of voters who supported Republican candidates in the Georgia Senate run-off said that President-elect Joe Biden was not legally elected in November, according to AP VoteCast, a survey of voters in high-stakes Senate contests on Tuesday.

The voter poll measured the depth of President Donald Trump’s false allegations of fraud and misconduct that resonated with Republicans in the state. It comes as more than 100 Congressional Republicans say they will pose an extraordinary challenge to Biden’s victory. Wednesday, A decision that leads to a sharp split in the party.

Despite the courts, and state and Justice Department officials found no evidence of widespread voter fraud, about 9 in 10 Republican supporters said they lacked high confidence that votes in the November presidential race were meticulously counted half of whom said they had no confidence at all. In counting votes. That’s nearly five times the number of Republicans who said in November they did not trust the votes would be accurately counted.

AP VoteCast polled more than 3,600 voters in the run-off election that will determine which party will dominate the U.S. Senate. The poll indicates a bipartisan divergence that has worsened since November, and suggests Biden may struggle to reunite the nation as it grapples with a renewed pandemic and a weakening economy.

While about 8 in 10 Republican voters approve of how Trump handles the election results, Democratic voters almost universally disagree. Most Democrats are very confident of the accuracy of the vote count.

If Democrats John Usov and Raphael Warnock both won in Georgia, their party would win half of the 100 Senate seats, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris as the tiebreaker. But if their opponents, David Purdue and Senator Kelly Loeffler win, the Republicans will have a slim majority in the Senate to challenge Biden and the Democrats running the House of Representatives.

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About 6 in 10 Georgia voters said control of the Senate was the single most important factor in their selection. However, Republican supporters were more inclined to prioritize obtaining a majority in the Senate than Democratic supporters.

With Biden winning Georgia with only 11,779 votes in November, the Senate races will likely be decided by turnout. Democratic regions performed strongly in the early vote, indicating that Republicans need a strong show of supporters to cast their vote on Tuesday.

The Democrats’ exit process appears to have been broader. About 6 in 10 Georgia voters said they were contacted on behalf of Democratic candidates before the election, compared to nearly half of those reached on behalf of Republicans.

The election came after Congress and Trump approved an additional $ 900 billion in aid for an economy still reeling from the coronavirus outbreak. The spending package included expanded benefits for the unemployed, $ 600 in direct payments to individuals earning up to $ 75,000 a year, and $ 284 billion to help smaller employers meet their salaries.

Nearly two-thirds of all Georgia voters were pessimistic about the nation’s future. While Democratic attitudes have improved somewhat, Republican views of the country have changed dramatically.

In November, about three-quarters of Republican voters in Georgia considered the nation on the right track. Now, 7 in 10 say the country is on the wrong track.

The vast majority of Georgia voters – 7 in 10 – say Congress is doing little to help the finances of American individuals and small businesses in response to the pandemic. This view was espoused by a majority of Democratic and Republican voters alike, although a quarter of Loeffler and Perdue voters said Congress was providing the right amount of help.

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The candidates’ experience has been a source of discussion in both campaigns. Neither Aoussof, a 33-year-old media executive, nor Warnock, 51, the chief chaplain of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, a congregation previously led by civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., has held public office.

Republic Loeffler was appointed to the Senate in 2019 after her work in the financial sector, after she had accumulated a family fortune estimated at $ 500 million in large part from her husband’s position as president of the company that owns the New York Stock Exchange and other financial markets.

Voters are deeply divided over whether Ossoff, Warnock, or Loeffler have the “right experience to function effectively as a senator,” while two-thirds say Perdue does. Purdue was elected to the Senate in 2014, but the term of the former CEO of Dollar General ended Sunday.

Both Republican candidates have faced scrutiny in the wide stock trading in the position. The majority of voters, 56%, said they were very or somewhat concerned about allegations that Purdue and Loafler had engaged in insider trading. This includes about 2 in 10 of their supporters.

Meanwhile, the Republican Democratic rivals have been described as “radical” and “socialist”. The survey found that voters were somewhat more inclined to view Democratic candidates as “very extreme” in their political views. Almost half of them say Warnock and Ossoff compare about 4 in 10 for Perdue and Loeffler.

Among Republican voters, Loeffler and Burdeau’s association with Trump was considered favorable. Nearly 8 in 10 of their supporters said that Republican candidates support Trump just the right amount.

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AP VoteCast is a survey of American voters conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago for Fox News and The Associated Press. The poll was conducted on 3,792 voters in Georgia for eight days, and concluded with the closure of polling stations. Interviews were conducted in English. The poll combines a random sample of registered voters drawn from the state voter profile with self-defined registered voters chosen from unlikely Internet boards. The margin of sampling error for voters is estimated to be greater or less than 2.1 percentage points. You can find more details on the AP VoteCast methodology at

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