Republicans support Trump’s fraud claims even as Biden wins college

Republicans support Trump's fraud claims even as Biden wins college

With th The Electoral College It gives the old but formal stamp of approval to Joe BidenElections are now over – although they are not over, and may never end, for a large part of the country.

With the unanimous rejection before Supreme court, With President Trump Unable to break his legal loss streak, he continues to attack what he calls rigged elections. And 77 percent of his voters agreed that the election was stolen from him, according to a new poll conducted by Fox News.

However, there is a deep divide within the conservative media, and the movement itself, over whether it is time to move from Trumpism or embrace its leader in a resistance reinvented over the next four years.

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Most of the media outlets, from the National Review on the right to the Atlantic on the left, described the description Texas The lawsuit aims to reverse the election results as an absurd long shot that the Supreme Court can reject. They have been attacked as anti-Trump, but their assessments have been based on reality.

The court, with a majority of 3–6 governors, and one-third of its members Trump card The appointees unanimously refused to take up the case (two judges believed it should be technically acceptable but rejected it on the merits).

The president’s response was to attack the verdict as disgraceful and complain that he didn’t get his day in court. In fact, he got a court hearing, in which the judges decided that one country does not have the capacity to challenge electoral processes in other states. Trump card He just didn’t like the result.

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What brings about the resounding media condemnation is that this lawsuit’s plea was backed by 17 Republican MPs, and 106 Republican members of the House of Representatives. Fairly or unfairly, the press consensus is that they are acting out of fear Trump card You might denounce them or design an initial challenge against them. After all, two Republican governors have criticized the RINOs, just because Georgia President Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey of Arizona defended the election process in their respective states.

With th Electoral CollegeConsolidation e Biden Victory, some sympathetic conservatives offer him some tough advice.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page: “President Trump’s legal appeals have continued, and he and the rest of the Republican Party can help the country and themselves by acknowledging the outcome and moving forward.”

Chris Christie, a longtime Trump ally on ABC, said: “The legal theory put forward by his legal team and the president is ridiculous. Supreme court He did not take it because it is a silly idea to think that any country, or any number of countries, no matter how good they are, can challenge another country’s right to hold elections as it sees fit. Also, there is no evidence. “

Fox commentator and former Bush White House official, Karl Rove: “I think in the long run it is not helping itself or the country. America loves to return, but they do not like painful losers and he is on the verge of looking like a painful loser, and maybe he will look like that after the sixth of January “.

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This is an indication of the day that Congress must approve the The Electoral College Results. Some Republicans plan to launch a challenge to voters in major states – a few Democrats did this as a protest in 2017 – but with Nancy Pelosi running the House of Representatives, there is no chance for both houses, as desired, to disrupt. Biden Degree.

But what will be the lasting impact of Trump’s war on the 2020 elections? New York Times columnist Ross Dothat says some Republicans cultivate “the politics of party imagination” that exists alongside the real thing.


On the one hand, he sees Republicans behaving “naturally”, those who have de facto political and legal roles, such as those who testify to the outcome in Georgia and Arizona. On the one hand, Republicans who act “radically” believe that their “behavior is a performer, an act of storytelling rather than a law, a stance, not a political act.”

In other words, there is no real cost to House Republicans or state agents who support Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud for partisan reasons, as it will not alter a single court ruling or the reality of the Electoral College.

But I disagree on this point. If tens of millions of Republicans believe that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president – Trump has already used the phrase – it could hurt his administration. On a deeper level, if many political parties believe that the elections are stolen – and next time it may be the Democrats – that seriously harms democracy.

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