Several injured after a car collided with a crowd at New York protest | New York

A car stormed a crowd of about 50 at a Friday afternoon protest in midtown Manhattan, injuring several people. New York City Police Department said.

Police said the accident occurred after 4 pm at the corner of 39th Street and Third Avenue in the city center in the east of the country, adding that the woman behind the wheel of a BMW sedan that entered the crowd had been detained for questioning by law enforcement authorities.

The New York Fire Department said six people were taken in ambulances to local hospitals. Police and firefighting officials said the injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.

Some accounts on social media described a chaotic scene around a parked car surrounded by protesters, before the car bent over in the crowd, causing some people and bicycles to tripped.

In one of the videos showing the movement of the car, a small group of protesters is seen gathering around the car as it slowly approaches an intersection, with one of them appearing to lean over the front of the vehicle. The car suddenly sped up, toppling the people who were blocking it and the people who were in the intersection.

In another video from the other side, people are seen running and one person is seen turning over while the car is driving.

Sophia Vickerman, one of the protest participants, from Denver, Colorado, said that when the car collided with the crowd, it threw people and a bike in the air.

She said, “I hear the people screaming in front, look behind me, and the woman goes.” “I see dead bodies flying.”

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Vickerman said the march began in Times Square and was intended to draw attention to the ongoing hunger strike by immigrants detained in New Jersey. A Reuters photographer at the scene also confirmed that the demonstration had been organized in solidarity with nine illegal immigrants held by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

Police and several local media outlets said the protest was sponsored by Black Lives Matter.

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