Supreme Court Confirmation Session by Amy Connie Barrett

Supreme Court Confirmation Session by Amy Connie Barrett
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Senator Lindsey Graham asked Amy Connie Barrett about abortion rights.

For Barrett’s supporters and critics alike, her assertion will clearly bolster the conservative majority on the Supreme Court. To reduce access to abortion.

Even if the court did not appeal Ru vs. wadeThere are cases circulating in courts at the national level that undermine an individual’s right to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy and give the state room to speculate on this decision.

In 2006, Barrett She added her name to the “Citizens of Michiana” list. Those who have signed the “Declaration on the Right to Life” sponsored by an anti-abortion group, which appeared at the South Bend Tribune. The Declaration of the Right to Life in Saint Joseph County calls for “an end to the barbaric legacy of Roe v. Wade and the restoration of laws that protect the lives of unborn children.”

Ten years later, Barrett told an audience at Jacksonville University that she believed that although Roe was not going to flip, access to abortion might eventually be limited.

Barrett said, “I don’t think the core issue – Rowe’s insistence that a woman has the right to have an abortion, you know – I don’t think this will change.” “But I think the question is whether people can have abortions so late, you know, how many restrictions can clinics be – I think that will change. “

What’s Next: Proponents of abortion rights are seeing more than 15 cases creeping into the lower courts and potentially reaching the Supreme Court in the coming periods. They include issues such as requirements for burying fetal tissue, rules for admission to hospital and notification to parents, as well as the prohibition of abortion as early as six, eight or ten weeks into pregnancy.

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How far Barrett will go is a question that bothers the country as progressives bemoan Trump’s choice to replace the late liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a conservative 48-year-old jurist who is the ideological counterpart to the feminist icon, especially when it comes to reproductive health.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri said at the Judicial Committee meeting last Thursday that Barrett’s record indicated that she believed Roe v. Wade’s decision was an act of “judicial imperialism.” “I think Judge Amy Connie Barrett’s record proves it.”

On the bench, Barrett, a profound thinker and meticulous jurist who was well aware long before her nomination that she was on Trump’s shortlist, left a subtle imprint. This track reveals open voices for more restrictive laws and the state’s expanded ability to regulate abortion, as well as a judicial philosophy aligned with that of her mentor, the late Judge Antonin Scalia, who believed that the case of Roe v. Wade was wrongly resolved.


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