Tami Bruce: Biden’s blunt insult shows that the Democrats have no intention of uniting the country

Tami Bruce: Biden’s blunt insult shows that the Democrats have no intention of uniting the country

Democrats ’attitude toward Republicans It indicates that they do not want that Collaborate On issues of politics and unification of the country, Fox Nation presenter Tammy Bruce said Thursday, in reaction to A. Blunt note By one of Biden’s aides.

Bruce said, “For years … Trump supporters have been called Nazis, racists, and community remnants. Obviously there is no respect. Now we are about 75 million people who voted for the president.”Fox and Friends. “

Elected President Joe BidenDeputy Chief of Staff, Jane O’Malley Dillon, call Republicans “A bunch of fanatics” praises Biden’s call for unity in an interview with Glamor magazine.

Arguing that the Democrats “had no intention” of uniting the country, Bruce stressed that their stance toward Trump and his supporters was clear.

“Part of the Biden campaign theme is that they are saving the nation’s soul. What are they saving from it? From Republicans, from conservatives, from Trump. So you are implicitly indicating that everyone says they want to unite while destroying the nation’s soul. This is unacceptable to Americans in general.” Bruce said.

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O’Malley Dillon was responding to a comment from Glamor correspondent Glennon Doyle in an interview published Tuesday about redefining the “settlement,” saying Biden had “rejected” the idea that he could not work with the Republican Party.

“The president-elect was able to communicate with people about this sense of loneliness,” said O’Malley Dillon. “In the primaries, people were making fun of him, like, ‘Do you think you can work with the Republicans? “I’m not saying they are not a bunch of extremists. Mitch McConnell is terrible. But this feeling you can’t have, you can’t wish for this bipartisan ideal? He turned it down.”

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O’Malley Dillon, 44, went on to say that politics is like “a relationship.”

“If the other person is not willing to do the work, that becomes really difficult. But I think, more than that, people want to see the effect … they want to do their work, get a fair wage, have time for themselves and their families, and see each other as neighbors.” And this combination of this passive, polarized electorate created by politics is something that I think we can dismantle. “

And she continued: “From beginning to end, I set out with the idea that unity is possible, that we are together stronger, and that we as a country need treatment, and our policy needs that too.”

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Bruce noted that the Trump campaign was based on highlighting “the forgotten man and woman,” people who were “forgotten” by “elites” and the establishment politicians.

“They had no respect for the average person who gets up, goes to work, doesn’t wear hair gel, and dirty nails during the week,” Bruce said. “They can’t stand this idea that maybe you have to shower multiple times a day because of the nature of your job … They want you to learn programming. This is the entire elite position. It’s not good for a nation. Besides, it’s not just hypocrisy,” It is a lie. And if they are willing to say this, if this is their attitude towards half of the population … how do you think this will turn into a judgment? It’s not good news. “

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