The Biden Department of Education will move quickly to reverse Betsy DeVos’ policies

The Biden Department of Education will move quickly to reverse Betsy DeVos' policies

While Mr. Trump emphasized the low rates of infection among children, Mr. Biden also emphasized the teachers’ concerns. During one of the discussions, after Mr. Trump accused him of wanting to keep the country closed, Mr. Biden mocked the president: “All the teachers are there, not many of you are going to die, so don’t worry about him.”

Becky Pringle, president of the National Education Association, said Mr. Biden’s approach to reopening the debate demonstrates his understanding that “there is no budget for a school system with a clause that says, Coronavirus.”

Ms Pringle noted that Mr. Biden has always been a staunch supporter of the labor movement, and said she is proud that he has also “bowed” to the association’s rulebook. She said the president-elect was particularly excited about the union’s vision of “restoring public education as a common good and turning it into something that never was the case – an ethnically and socially just and equitable system.”

She said, “He will take the throwers and arrows because he is” very close “to us, and he will be able to say,” You not only helped me to vote, but also helped me lead in a bold way. “

Union leaders top short, speculative lists of contenders to be the next education secretary and will undoubtedly influence Mr. Biden’s choice. Among the names mentioned are Randy Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Educators, and Lily Eskilson Garcia, former president of the National Education Association.

Other names include supervisors of regions like Baltimore and Seattle, and actor Jahana Hayes, a Connecticut Democrat and former National Landmark of the year.

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Ms. Weingarten said she was honored with that reference, but “would be really happy to work with the Biden administration as chair of the AFT”

“The Biden Harris administration has the potential to enable a renaissance in public education,” she said.

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