The Foreign Minister said that the special session on the Georgia elections would “nullify the will of the people.”

The Foreign Minister said that the special session on the Georgia elections would "nullify the will of the people."

Trump has repeatedly criticized Republicans in Georgia over the past month – calling Ravensberger a “people’s enemy,” and called Kemp on Twitter.

At a rally in Georgia on Saturday, Trump said Kemp and Ravensberger “Scared of Stacy Abrams,” Former candidate for Governor of Georgia.

On top of the president’s pressure, Republican Senators David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler called for Ravensburger to resign. Citing “failure” in the electoral processWithout providing evidence for these claims.

Ravensburger said their call for dismissal will not change the way he votes in the upcoming state runoff, with Purdue and Loeffler competing for re-election.

I am a Republican. I vote for the Republicans. “So I wish them well,” said Ravensburger. The task of the Republican Party is to raise money and vote. My job as Secretary of State is to make sure that fair and fair elections are held. It’s that simple, and I think integrity in my office is important. ”

He added that the distraction and division of allegations of fraud in the elections may make it more difficult for Republican candidates to win the run-off rounds.

Ravensberger also said that the office “did not find systematic fraud, and it is not sufficient to cancel the elections.”

“We have more than 250 cases now … [but] We don’t see anything that will upend the will of the people here in Georgia. ”Joe Biden won Georgia with nearly 12,000 votes. Nationwide, he won the popular vote with nearly 7 million votes and the electoral college by a margin of 306-232.

He said that the president’s loss is “sad, but real. I wish he won. I am a conservative Republican, and I am disappointed, but these are the results.”

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