The House of Representatives votes Wednesday to impeach Trump for a second time after he sparked riots on the Capitol

The House of Representatives votes Wednesday to impeach Trump for a second time after he sparked riots on the Capitol
The speed of the vote and Republican support underscores the anger in lawmakers over Trump’s role in stirring up rioters who have taken over the Capitol Building. Months of false rhetoric About stealing elections from him. The impeachment decision that the House of Representatives will vote on on Wednesday accuses Trump of it One article, “Incitement to disobedience.”
It remains unclear how many Republicans will ultimately vote in favor of impeachment. so far, Five Republicans They said they would vote to impeach Trump. While House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Minorities Oppose Whip Steve Scales impeachment – arguing that it is a divisive response – House Republic No. 3 Liz Cheney of Wyoming Announced Tuesday She would vote for him, and issued a scathing statement accusing that “there has been no greater betrayal by the President of the United States of his office and the swearing in of the Constitution.”
The split within the Republican Party over Wednesday’s vote contrasted starkly with the 2019 House Democrats impeachment of Trump, when House Republicans were united in the opposition. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated that he believed impeaching Trump would make it easier To get rid of the president and Trump From the Republican Party, New York timesCNN and other news outlets reported Tuesday, in another indication that Republicans are rapidly moving away from the party and the president who has governed him for the past four years.
Democrats quickly united around using impeachment measures in the final days of Trump’s presidency as an appropriate response to the president’s behavior and as a way to press for his removal from office before the end of his term, although this scenario appears unlikely. Home Agree to the urging decision Pence will invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from power late Tuesday evening, but Pence I sent a message Before voting, saying he would not. In a separate context, a source close to Trump told CNN, on Tuesday evening, that “there is no consideration for his resignation,” referring to the president, adding that he “will not do that.”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set aside Republican efforts to take different action, such as placing blame, in response to Trump’s role in the riots. she His name is Accountability Managers And Tuesday evening, a team of nine Democrats headed by Representative Jimmy Raskin of Maryland, indicating that she does not plan to hesitate to send articles to the Senate.

Pelosi said in the House of Representatives on Tuesday evening that “the president’s actions demonstrate his absolute inability to carry out the most basic powers and duties of his position, and therefore the president must be removed from office immediately.”

Trump card He showed no remorse For his role in the Capitol riots last week, he opposed impeachment on Tuesday in his first public statements since Trump supporters invaded the US Capitol building last week.

Trump said of his remarks last week to the crowd before the riots “were analyzed.” “People thought what you said was just right.”

Wednesday’s vote threatens to complicate the impeachment Days of the opening of the administration of President-elect Joe BidenIn his efforts to reach the Republicans and because the Senate is as likely to be as bound by a trial as Biden is in office.

While McConnell has been silent about upholding impeachment, he said he does not plan to reinstate the Senate before January 19, which means a possible Senate trial is likely to take place in the Senate led by incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Both Biden and Schumer argued that the Senate would try to split its days while the trial was going, so that the Senate could confirm Biden’s candidates and consider incentive legislation for Covid-19 while the impeachment trial was underway.

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CNN’s Pamela Brown and Jim Acosta contributed to this report.

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