The National Guard has been deployed to El Paso to provide support in the morgue crisis

The National Guard has been deployed to El Paso to provide support in the morgue crisis

A team of 36 National Guard soldiers has been deployed to “provide body care support,” according to the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM).

The team was mobilized Saturday morning “after completing the assessment of the situation on the ground in El Paso County this week,” TDEM spokesperson Seth Christensen told CNN.

“As we have seen a rapid increase in cases and hospitalizations, we are unfortunately also seeing a rise in deaths. We have worked closely with funeral homes and mortuaries to help increase capacity and coordinate resources,” Mayor of El Paso de Margo said in statement On Twitter.

“Texas Military will provide us with critical personnel to implement our mortality management plan and we are very grateful to them for their continued support.”

Margo said the city and county have included the central mortuary site to add additional capacity. The mortuary location will not be disclosed due to privacy concerns, according to the mayor’s statement.

The Texas National Guard has been called up Replacement of inmates who have been recruited By El Paso earlier this week to relocate corpses of coronavirus victims for temporary relief from overworked staff.
Last month , Funeral homes In the governorate, refrigerated units were prepared to house corpses in case they were overloaded. The province also ordered four additional mobile morgue last week, which will bring the total mobile morgue to 10.
El Paso, one of the Covid-19 hotspots in Texas, mentioned 1,074 new cases of COVID-19 and eight deaths on Saturday. The province has recorded a total of 247 coronavirus-related deaths, according to the county health department Covid dashboard.
The number of coronavirus cases in the United States Surpassed 12 million Saturday – More than 1 million cases increased in less than a week.
more than 255,000 deaths Of Covid-19 has been reported in the US since the start of the pandemic, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.
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