The Pro-Trump U.S. Capitol: What We Know About The Four Fatalities

The Pro-Trump U.S. Capitol: What We Know About The Four Fatalities

The four were killed during a spectacular attack on the heart of American democracy in which members of the gang vandalized the building and assaulted police officers.

Police Chief Robert Conte said that at least 14 metropolitan police officers were injured, including one who was taken to hospital after being seriously injured when he was pulled into a crowd and assaulted. One officer was seriously injured in the face by a shell, and another officer was taken to hospital after being peppered with pepper.

Metro Police made 80 arrests related to the unrest this week in the center of the capital, including 68 arrests on Wednesday night, according to a spokesperson for the mayor. Most of them were due to violations Mayor 6 pm curfew.

A woman shot by the police

A woman was shot dead by a US Capitol police employee as the mob tried to force their way to the House room where members of Congress were sheltering. Capitol Police said in a statement.

Authorities said the woman was named Ashley Babbitt, 35, from Huntington, Maryland.

Babbitt received medical help immediately and was taken to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The USCP said the employee has been granted administrative leave and his police powers have been suspended pending a joint investigation between Metro Police and the USCP.

“This is a tragic accident, and I send my condolences to the victim’s family and friends,” said Metro Police Chief Conte.

Two people who witnessed the shooting, left-wing activist John Sullivan and documentary filmmaker Jade Sacer, provided CNN with a video of the incident and a description of the moments before it.

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Sullivan said rioters were using flag poles and other things to smash glass windows inside the Capitol. Then the woman tried to force her way through the window when several armed people came out of the entrances.

“The second time I climbed the window, I was hit by a bullet in the neck, I fell back,” Sullivan said in an interview broadcast on CNN, “Anderson Cooper 360”.

“I just remember feeling shocked and grief-stricken that someone just died and didn’t need to die.”

Sullivan said the woman was trying to enter an area that no rioters appeared to have penetrated.

“It was a completely closed area,” he said. “They had chairs across from the entrance, and tables, so people couldn’t go in.”

Three others were killed

The Conte chief also said that three people had died from “medical emergencies” during the riots.

“It appears that one adult female and two adult men have suffered from separate medical emergencies that led to their deaths,” he said. “Any loss of life in the area is tragic and we thought with anyone affected by their loss.”

Conte identified them as a 50-year-old man from Ringtown, Pennsylvania; 55-year-old man from Athens, Alabama; And a 34-year-old woman from Kennesaw, Georgia.

Conte said the three were on the Capitol when faced with the medical emergencies.

Earlier Wednesday, the capital’s fire and emergency medical services transported people to district hospitals with injuries ranging from cardiac arrest to multiple fractures after falling from scaffolds on the western front of the Capitol building.

However, city officials did not state if any of these people died.

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Adrienne Winston, Kara Scannell, Alex Marquardt, and Aileen Graef contributed to this report.

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